10 Empowering Songs To Help You Bounce Back from a Break Up

Break up songs

The post-break up blues can be terrible, but if there’s one thing that can help you bounce back it’s music. After all, you can’t touch music but it can definitely touch you. It’s been proven that certain songs can alter your mood, so what better than having one of humanity’s biggest allies on your side in your time of need?

Here is a list of songs that will empower you to feel better about yourself and your emotional situation and will even help in the healing process. Music to the rescue!

10. So What by P!nk

This is one of my favorite songs and even though it’s not exactly new, the lyrics will just make you feel much better no matter what the reason for the break up was.

9. Irreplaceable by Beyoncé

Queen Bey has a way of making you feel tougher –Who Run The World and Single Ladies, anyone?– and it also makes your ex’s place clear: to the left.

8. Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

Whatever happens, this experience already made you stronger. This song is all about that feeling of rising from the ashes like a phoenix and how within every woman lies the power to move on and get something better.

7. Just Dance by Lady Gaga

Sometimes you don’t need a reason for a song to lift you up. ‘Just Dance’ is one of those tunes that will make you want to get up and dance around your room, an instant sadness eradicator.

6. Single Ladies by Beyoncé (Yup, again)

Just like the above, it is a song you can’t help but dance to, but it will also serve as a reminder that it was his loss and your gain.

5. Believe by Cher

This one is an oldie but goodie and also a recommendation from one of my best friends. If there is one tough female artist out there it’s Cher and her lyrics “Cause I’ve had time to think it through and maybe I’m too good for you” will have you screaming in delight when it plays.

4. Oh no! by Marina and the Diamonds

This song is all about being triumphant in the face of adversity and getting over it. It isn’t only a great post-break up song but also a great listen whenever you feel like the world is against you.

3. Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood

Yeah, the title may be a tad deceiving but it is actually a fantastic song about all the awful things you should never do to an ex but daydream about doing. It’s like living vicariously through the lyrics and you don’t get into any trouble!

2. It’s Alright, It’s OK by Ashley Tisdale

This one is a tad on the peppy side but trust me when I say that the lyrics will have you jumping up and down during the chorus. Just imagine that you’re screaming them at your ex!

1. Picture To Burn by Taylor Swift

If anyone on planet Earth knows how to write an empowering break up song it has to be T. Swift. This song is the ultimate revenge tune, which will have you cackling with happiness and smiling because you can feel better already.

The honorable mention goes to Gloria Gaynor with ‘I Will Survive’ since it has been the ultimate song to listen to after a split since the 70’s. If you want to check out an updated version, give a listen to Cake’s cover, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Create you own playlist of songs that cheer you up and listen to them whenever you need some inspiration; it is an amazing form of therapy!

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