7 Steps to Make a Man Fall in Love With You

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Love is all about emotional attraction and it has a lot to do with compatibility between the couple. Physical attraction may be the first step but it takes a lot more than that to be in love with each other.

You cannot get someone to fall in love with you unless there is a definite compatibility between the two of you.

You can make a man attracted to you by using manipulative techniques like playing hard to get, and using your physical beauty to your advantage, but it won’t be love. And anything that is not love, does not last forever.

So the right question is not, ‘how to make a man fall in love with you?‘, rather it should be – ‘how to know him better and help him know you?‘.

Once you get to know each other, love might happen or it may not, either way there will be no manipulation involved.

How to make him fall for you?

This article is about ways to make a man fall in love with you by first getting his attention and then letting a relationship develop on its own accord.

You can make a guy want you but you can never get him to love you unless there develops an emotional bonding between the two of you.

Listed below are steps to getting the attention of the man you are interested in and allowing the relationship to develop naturally.

1.) Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact is usually the first step to letting a man know that you are interested in him.

You can spark interest in him just by the way you look at him. If there is love in your heart it will reflect in your eyes.

2.) Talk to Him Through a Mutual Friend

Sometimes it becomes important to initiate contact either because the guy is too shy to initiate it himself or because he’s not aware of your interest.

You can get a mutual friend to introduce the two of you casually; from there on you can develop a smile/hi/bye relationship for a few days to get some contact going.

If the guy is really interested, and he is confident, he will use this opportunity to flirt with you or get close to you.

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3.) Initiate the First Date if the Guy is Shy

If you are certain of the guy’s interest in you, and comprehend that he is too shy to ask you out, then you can be the first one to initiate a date.

Remember that you should do this only when you know for certain that he is too shy to ask himself, but is really interested in you.

A confident guy would immediately propose a date if he is interested in you, especially when he notices that you are into him too.

4.) Don’t Come Across As Being Desperate

This is something you don’t want to do even if you are really into him.

There is nothing wrong with initiating the first date or even in exhibiting your interest in him, but don’t come across as someone who is desperate or clingy.

You don’t want anyone to take you for granted because there is no hope for the relationship to develop after that.

5.) Get to Know Him As the Real Person He Is

This is the best way to make a man fall in love with you but your interest in him should be genuine and not manipulative.

Your job is to make him feel comfortable in your company to the extent that he opens his most vulnerable side to you. Most Guys share their hurts, emotions and feelings only with their female partner and not with their guy friends.

If you become this person in his life there is definite possibility of an emotional connection.

6.) Always Be Your Natural Self

You can’t manipulate a guy to fall in love with you, or may be you can but it’s not worth it in the long run.

Expose your natural self to him so that if a connection happens it’s natural.

Don’t manipulate him by trying to be a person you are not. You don’t have to share his likes and dislikes in order for him to like you. The opposite is usually the case, the more dissimilar two people are the more likely they are to fall in love.

Similar interests make for good friendships, not love.

7.) Be Confident in Yourself

It is natural for humans to want to be loved and to share love but the first person you should be in love with is yourself, not in an ego centric way but in a true manner.

When you are quite happy being single you will be quite happy in a relationship as well. You will come across as someone who is confident about herself and this will make the guy respect you as a person. Respect is the first step before love.

To make a man fall in love with you is easy if your wavelengths match up. Above mentioned ways to make a guy want you are just the starting points. The journey towards a relationship based in love requires a lot of commitment, patience and sacrifice.