How to Move from Dating to a Committed Relationship With Your Boyfriend? (3 Simple Steps)

Couples sitting together

When your date converts into a boyfriend then you have moved from dating to a committed relationship.

Any intimate relationship begs to move forward, if it stays stagnant too long there is a possibility of it going stale. If you and your partner are both in love with each other, the process of moving from dating into a committed relation will happen naturally.

In this article let’s see how you can move from dating to a committed relationship in the most natural way possible and talk about the changes that you would be required to make once it happens.

Are you ready to move into a committed relationship?

Most couples, after a few weeks or months of dating, come to the crossroads of deciding how to move the relationship forward.

The first question you need to ask is this: Am I ready to move into a committed relationship?

You see, a committed relationship is very different from a dating relationship. The following are some of the main chains it entails:

1. Your “personal space” will be invaded

Your “personal space” will not be personal anymore.

In a committed relationship you will have to make your personal life open to your partner. Sharing personal details, including the most intimate and emotional moments, is a part of being involved in a committed relation.

Your boyfriend will become an integral part of your life and would want to know as much about your life as possible.

2. Commitment involves building trust

When you were dating it was not important to maintain each other’s trust because there was no commitment involved.

Building and maintaining trust is an integral part of moving into a committed relationship. You will need to be careful not break the trust your partner has in you.

This involves a lot of emotional maturity.

3. Sacrifices will be involved

There is no relationship which does not entail some sacrifice from your part. Like the saying goes, you can’t have the best of both worlds.

Once you are committed you can’t carry on the way you did when you were single and carefree. From here on you will need to start making sacrifices in order to strengthen the relationship.

4. You will be emotionally involved

In most cases, dating is about fun and physical intimacy. But once the relationship becomes serious or committed, it means you have developed an emotional attraction or attachment to your boyfriend.

Once you become emotionally involved with someone it’s an amazing feeling because now you feel like your hearts are interconnected but it also entails a lot pain especially during arguments and differences that are bound to take place sooner or later.

So now that you know what getting into a committed relationship entails, let’s see what you need to do to move your relationship forward into this stage.

3 steps to move from dating to a committed relationship

Here’s what you need to do in order to move your relationship forward from the dating phase to a commitment.

1. Bring in an emotional factor to your relationship

If you have to move into a commitment there has to be an emotional attraction.

You can develop emotional closeness by the way you interact, and behave, with your partner. This happens quite naturally once you are in love with each other – love is emotional after all.

2. Propose your love

There is a possibility that your partner is not aware of your love for him/her. You will have to find ways to propose love directly or at least throw hints about it.

If your partner reciprocates your love, then you are ready to move forward in the relationship, if not you will just have to keep dating more or may be separate.

3. Make it verbal

Commitment should be made verbal. When you talk it out you can clear any misunderstanding that might lie in your, or your partner’s, mind.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your partner and you are in a committed relationship.

In conclusion

It’s important to evaluate the consequences of moving into a committed relationship. Introspect on whether you are really ready to take this step, remember that a committed relationship is all about emotional involvement and responsibility – it entails a lot of maturity to maintain and can be very painful when it does not work out.