15 Important First Date Tips for Women (To Help You Make Your Date A Success!)

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Most women tend to get nervous and frantic before the first date and this is quite normal; after all you might meet up a possible life partner!

Some amount of fear helps but to go overboard with it would be your own undoing. First date should be about interacting and bonding without any expectations – be as relaxed as possible to allow this to happen.

First Date tips – 15 Important Points to Bear in Mind

The following are 15 important first date tips that will help you improve the overall experience and make your first date a huge success.

1. Be yourself but don’t impose yourself

Remember that you are in the company of a person who does not know you too well. The first date is not the time to impose all the traits of your personality but to put your best appearance forward.

Highlight the important facets of your personality and behave in a manner most comfortable to you but don’t go overboard with it.

Even if you are really shy you might need to initiate some conversation to keep the date going, right?

2. Don’t overdo your makeup

A natural skin is more pleasing than an artificially layered one and it shows quite plainly.

A light layer of lipstick and nail polish works fine but anything that stands out too boldly would just offset your natural appearance.

Go light with the eye liners and mascara and don’t powder you face to oblivion.

Also, it may not be a good idea to try a new hairstyle for your first date as it might end up making you uncomfortable.

3. Dress classy and for comfort

This is the most obvious first date tip that women tend to ignore. Don’t overdress or under-dress, keep it simple and classy.

If you are going to wear something revealing do it at your own peril, you have no idea what kinda impression it would create in the mind of your date. He might find it particularly difficult to interact while having to stare down a deep neckline.

Your dressing style should be flirty but also classy at the same time.

4. Don’t come across as a snob

Guys usually dislike girls with a oomph about them. Snobbish behavior will land you in the guy’s bad books in no time.

Don’t be overly fussy about the food or the service, don’t snap at the waiters or anyone around you and never create a scene.

Interact in a friendly manner as much as possible and be welcoming in your approach.

Don’t complain too much, else you will come across as a cribber.

5. Be a lady till the end

If you are out on a lunch or dinner date be careful about how much you drink. Guys are quite wary of girls who drink too much.

Moreover, once you lose control of your senses there is a good possibility that you will end up talking a bit too much for your own good.

Try to stay in control of the situation all the time. Staying sober is the best way to interact with your date even if you are the shy type.

6. Let go of the need to impress

Don’t talk to impress your date, it reeks of effort and lack of self esteem.

Be comfortable in your own skin and stay modest as much as possible.

There is nothing to gain out of impressing anyone. Your natural confidence will shine through when you are comfortable within yourself.

7. Don’t get too clingy

Even if you go goggle-eyed about your date avoid fawning too much. Always remember, a girl who is not a challenge is not interesting to guys.

8. Avoid getting too personal

Avoid getting too personal with your questions. Asking about his exes and other personal affairs on the first date is definitely not advisable.

9. Give him your complete attention

Give your date your complete and undivided attention. Keep your eyes on him and really listen to what he has to say. Put your phone in silent mode or even better, switch it off.

The last thing you want is your date catching your checking out your phone as he is trying to have a conversation with you.

10. Don’t take selfies with him

It’s a good idea not to take selfies with him when you are on your first date. Remember that a first date helps you warm up to each other and hence it’s better to avoid any activity that can make things awkward.

11. Do your homework beforehand

Do your homework and be prepared to answer some of the standard questions that might come your way. For example, your favorite movie, T.V. shows, books and hobbies to name a few. This will ensure that you have something interesting to talk about when these topics come up.

12. Remember that it’s okay to feel nervous

It is natural to be nervous when two people go out together for the very first time.

Both men and women are prone to feel some butterflies in their stomach or a slight case of the jitters when they are out on first dates. But this is only natural. There is nothing to hide.

If you are feeling too nervous just admit it to the other person. This will help break the ice and you will automatically feel more comfortable and relaxed.

The key here is to accept your emotions instead of suppressing them or feeling afraid of them. Don’t think that the other person will look down upon you if they find out that you are nervous. This is absolutely untrue. Unless of-course the person is very mean in which case you are better off staying away from him or her.

13. Make him feel comfortable

Show him your approval by complimenting him. Telling him ‘you look great’ or ‘this outfit looks great on you’ should be good enough. But do not overdo it and always mean what you say from the bottom of your heart cause it shows.

Too much of something is just as bad as not enough of something. It’s allowed to be gracious. Just don’t go overboard!

14. Avoid asking stereotypical questions

Don’t ask questions just for the sake of asking questions. Try to make interesting conversation instead of asking conventional questions like ‘what is your favorite music or movie‘ or ‘who is your favorite celebrity ’.

15. Live in the moment

Don’t keeping thinking about stuff like ‘will he kiss me?’, ‘will he ever call me back?’ or anything else for that matter.

In other words stop thinking about the future and come to the present. Remember that you are dating this guy right now and you need to enjoy every bit of this moment. So live in the present and leave the future to the future.

Just know that things will be right once you start living in the moment.

What should you wear to a first date?

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Dressing up is easily their worst dilemma in life and many look towards attaining nirvana just to get rid of the confusion resulting from deciding what to wear on a date.

There a so many options available when it comes to the dresses you can wear and the accessories to go with it, that it can be easily frustrating just to make up one’s mind about what to wear.

But here’s a golden advice – dress simple and classy.

This is truer when it comes to dressing up for the first date. Guys are pretty sensitive creatures and the last thing you want to do is give him a mild shock by the way you dress up.

Here are few tips on what you can wear for the first date:

1. A neat top and skinny jeans looks casual and trendy

If you are headed for a movie or dinner date you can easily hop into a nice pink or black top and drape into a trendy skinny jean.

Avoid jeans with too much decoration on it and especially the ones with holes and tears – you don’t want to give a junkie impression.

You can wear a loose top or a figure hugging one depending on how comfortably you can carry it off.

Dress for comfort and confidence rather than to impress or make a statement.

2. Avoid the strapless, spaghetti and the low cuts

If you are going to show too much skin you will only end up making your date uncomfortable.

Though guys do love to ogle they don’t prefer their own date being the subject of lewd stares around.

Some guys tend to have a hard time just having a casual conversation if there is a large patch of low neckline skin staring them in the face. Spare him the agony and avoid revealing tops especially on a dinner date.

3. Capri and khakis can look cute

There is something very light-hearted about a Capri and khakis can look real trendy especially if you are able to carry it off well. You will look really cute in a well fitting white t-shirt and a dark Capri.

4. Avoid the formal dressing style

You will look a lot more approachable and friendly in a casual dress up.

You would look stylish wearing a formal dress to a business meeting but you will only end up threatening the guy you meet on a date.

Some guys can feel a vibe of dominance when they are around girls in formal suits and pants.

5. Sneakers, sandals and the rest

Women’s footwear is so immense in design and makes that is it difficult to suggest anything in particular.

So just wear something that goes along well with your dress code. Sneakers go well with jeans and Capri while designer sandals look good with a skirt.

6. Accessorize with care

Don’t overdo it with the accessories. Keep it simple so that the elements show up clearly. A neat bracelet and simple pair of earrings can easily make you look stylish and pretty.

Make sure the accessories match up to the dress you are wearing without contrasting it.

You can also carry a glossy handbag to accentuate your dress.

7. Be careful with the makeup

As discussed earlier, there is nothing more offsetting than a face full of make up. The way you look naturally usually the best you look.

Too much of mascara or eye liners can make you look very artificial and guys have a sense of it. Lipstick is okay as long as it is not something that stares someone in the face. A light pink shade lipstick and nail polish usually looks good on most skins.

The best advice is to let your facial skin be its natural self.

8. Visit a parlor to trim up a bit

Your eye brows might need a little trimming and your nails can look better with some manicuring. A short trip to the parlor will spruce you up and make you a look your best self. You can even get yourself a facial or get your hair waved up while you are at it.

In conclusion, wear a sense of calm and confidence while you are out on a date, guys love girls who are confident in themselves. What your wear on your first date should also send out a friendly vibe so your date feels comfortable in your company.

Can you fall in love on your first date?

Love at first sight or first date is possible but it is important to understand if you are only attracted to looks or the whole package.

It’s only with time that you can figure out the various facets of your date’s personality.

You can completely fall in love on your first date and fall out of love by the second. So don’t get too hasty about it, allow any relationships to go through the test of time.

An important first date tip for women would be to avoid overtly expressing love on the first date itself, you will come across as someone who is not challenging enough.

Should a woman ever call a man for a date?

You can call a man and drop in hints about a date especially if you know for a fact that the guy is the shy type. Let him know you are interested, this definitely helps things around and there is a lot less delay this way.

So go ahead and call him over for a date but don’t make it a habit. Men, once they get interested, like to be the hunter than the hunted. Let the guy initiate any further date from there on.

First Dates are Fun – Enjoy Yourself

First dates are fun and you should learn to enjoy yourself instead of worrying too much about things that will ultimately not matter. When you go to a date with the right person things will automatically fall in place. You don’t have to do a thing.

Some of the miscellaneous things to remember is be courteous, polite, don’t be picky, and don’t worry about goodnight kisses and so forth. Just be natural and at ease. The rest will fall into place!