27 Coolest Men’s Wallets That Make for an Excellent Gift!

Wallets make for perfect man gifts. But considering all the variety out there, which one should you be gifting your man?

In this list, we give you 27 of the coolest wallets out there that you can gift your boyfriend, husband or any man in your life. Each wallet on this list comes with a unique set of features. Select the one you think will best suit your man and give him a gift he will use for a long time to come.

Here’s the list.

1. Infinity Wallet – Lightweight Nylon Fabric Wallet

Infinity wallet

The infinity wallet is a minimalist wallet made from durable nylon elastic which makes it really unique. It comes with three pockets. This includes two closed pockets (one on each side) and an open pocket in the middle (known as the thru pocket).

The closed pockets can be used to carry credit cards (around 10 cards, 5 on each side) while the thru pocket can hold on to paper cash, receipts etc.

Specialty: Lightweight nylon fabric wallet with two closed pockets and one open pocket in the middle.

2. Sherman Brands Bifold Wallet with Money Clip

Sherman brands bifold wallet

If you are looking to buy a minimal bifold wallet for your man, then this is the wallet to go for.

This is a Ultra Slim Bifold Wallet that comes with a host of cool features. For starters it has a card slot on the front where you can keep your favorite card for easy access. On the inside, you have two pockets for additional cards, one ID card slot and a money clip for cash. You also get another card slot on the back which can easily be accessed using a smart pull-strap.

Specialty: Bifold wallet with money clip on the inside and smart pull tag for each access to your cards.

3. Kinzd – Thin Wallet with Magnetic Money Clip

Magnetic money clip wallet

This stylish ultra thin wallet comes with 3 Card Slots (which can hold multiple cards), 1 ID Display Window (clear window for easy display), 1 soft pocket (for coins, business cards, documents etc.) and 1 Strong Magnetic Money Clip (to securely store your cash).

The magnet used in this wallet is really powerful and hence can hold a good amount of cash (around 30 bills folded in half) or cards easily.

The soft pocket in the middle is great for business cards, receipts, certificates, licences etc.

Specialty: Slim wallet with magnetic money clip and clear ID display on the outside.

4. Chums Nylon Fabric Wallet with Zipper (+ Key-Ring)

Chums wallet

This is a really cool lightweight micro wallet that is made from Rip-Stop Nylon fabric (for added durability). It has one zipped compartment on either side (so you can separate your cash and cards) and a clear ID window.

The cool thing about this wallet is that it comes with a Key-Ring (which can be tucked back when not in use) so you can conveniently attach your keys to your wallet.

So if your man likes zipper wallets, then this would make for a great gift.

Specialty: Lightweight nylon fabric zipper wallet with key-ring attachment.

5. Zitali – Bifold Wallet with Money Clip & Smart Strap

Zitali wallet open

This Zitali wallet is a stylish bifold wallet that comes with a whole lot of amazing features.

For starters it has a whole lot of storage space and comes with a money clip (located inside the wallet).

It also comes with a Smart Pull Strap to access your credit cards easily.

In addition to the many card slots inside, it also has two additional card slots on the outside for quick access to your favorite cards.

Specialty: Bifold wallet with money clip inside and a smart pull strap for easy access to cards.

6. Flipside – Aluminum Wallet with Snap Closure

Flipside wallet

Flipside is a cool and versatile wallet made from polycarbonate and aluminum and comes with snap closure feature – it shuts close and flips open with a button push.

Comes with quick access slots (that can hold 8 cards and 10 bills). The crush resistant design helps protect your cards from damage. Plus your bills are secured using a money clip.

Comes with an external rubber strap attachment that can hold cards and bills on the outside.

Specialty: Snap closure feature with secure slots for cards and cash. Plus comes in cool colors.

7. Auliv Travel Wallet with 17 Card Slots

Auliv travel wallet open

This wallet from AULIV can make for the perfect travel wallet as it has 17 card slots (for holding credit cards, travel cards etc.) and 2 stash pockets where you can conveniently slip your passport and other documents. It also comes with a ID window and a currency pocket.

Made from genuine leather, this wallet is 15.5 cm tall x 11.5 cm wide.

If your man travels a lot then this wallet would make for a good gift.

Specialty: Long wallet with plenty of storage space for cards, cash, passport and checkbook. Great for travel.

8. Ultra Slim Wallet with Arch Shaped Slots

Easyoulife slim wallet

What differentiates this ultra slim wallet from other similar wallets is the Arc-shaped card slots that not only look stylish but also allow for easier access to your cards.

Other than that, this wallet comes with 6 card slots, a clear ID window and a pocket in the middle for cash and receipts.

Specialty: Slim wallet that comes with arc-shared card slots for easy access to cards. Has a Clear ID window on the outside.

9. Tuopuke Wallet with Money Clip & Cash Strap

Tuopuke minimalist wallet

The specialty of this Tuopuke wallet is that you can use it in four different ways as follows:

  1. You can use it with a money clip.
  2. You can use it with a cash strap.
  3. You can use it with both the money clip and the cash strap.
  4. or you can use it plain without the money clip and the cash strap.

The money clip comes with a little elevation which allows you to easily insert money without lifting the clip.

The wallet comes with a sturdy elastic band that allows you to insert up to 12 cards. It has a handy cut out that allows you to push the cards out easily. You can also squeeze the bottom to fan the cards out so you can go through them and find the card that you want quickly.

This product comes with a handy screwdriver so you can make changes to the wallet easily. If your boyfriend is a handy man, he is sure to love this wallet.

Specialty: Slim metal wallet with optional money clip and cash strap attachment. Ability to customize based on preference.

10. Fidelo Wallet with Mechanical Trigger & Cash Strap

Fidelo wallet

What makes this Fidelo wallet special is that it comes with a mechanical trigger that allows easy access to your cards. All you need to do is push the trigger and your cards pop-up. You can put up to 15 cards in this wallet.

This wallet also comes with a money strap which you can use if needed.

Another cool feature is that this wallet comes with a stylish leather cover (that is removable) that gives you two additional slots.

All of these features makes this wallet very unique and cool. Any man would love to get this as a gift.

Specialty: Aluminum wallet with a mechanical trigger for easy access to your cards. Comes with a detachable external cash strap and a leather cover with additional card slots.

11. Clifton – Trifold Wallet with 2 ID Card Slots

Clifton trifold wallet

If you are looking for a wallet that offers ample storage options then this trifold wallet would fit the bill perfectly.

This wallet has 9 credit card slots, 2 compartments for cash, 2 compartments for documents and 2 ID window slots.

So if your man likes to carry a lot of stuff in his wallet, then this wallet would make for the perfect gift.

Specialty: Trifold wallet with plenty of space with 2 clear ID slots on the inside.

12. Fidelo Minimalist Carbon Fiber Wallet

Fidelo carbon fiber minimalist wallet

This wallet by Fidelo is simplicity redefined.

It comes with two carbon fiber plates held together by a durable elastic band.

You can fit a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 15 cards between the plates and use the elastic band as a money strap to store cash or additional cards on either side.

The cutouts on the plates allow you to easily access your cards. All you need to do is push the cards up and then squeeze the plates to fan out the cards.

Specialty: Simple wallet with two carbon fiber plates and an elastic money strap.

13. Fidelo 3 in 1 Wallet

Fidelo 3-in-1 wallet

This wallet can hold around 8 to 10 cards easily. The smart cutout on the plates and the polished interiors gives you easy access to your cards using a simple push and pinch technique. All you need to do is push the cards out and pinch the plates together to fan the cards out so you can easily go through them and find the one you need.

You can add additional functionality to this wallet by attaching a money clip and/or a cash strap (allows you to carry up to 10 bills easily.). This way, you make room to add cash, receipts, access cards etc.

Comes with a screwdriver so you can personalize the wallet as desired.

Specialty: Simplistic wallet with money strip and cash strap attachments.

14. Kattee – Long Wallet for Passport, Checkbooks etc.

Kattee long wallet

This long yet stylish wallet from Kattee allows you plenty of room for cards, cash, receipts, IDs, checkbooks, passports and anything else that you wish to carry. It has 1 ID window pocket, 1 zipper pocket, 11 card slots and 4 additional bill compartments.

Perfect when wearing a suit or topcoat with an interior chest pocket.

Specialty: Long wallet with plenty of storage space for passports, checkbooks etc.

15. Nomatic Minimalist Nylon Strap Wallet

Nomatic slim wallet

This wallet is made from high quality knitted elastic material and comes with a nylon strap and a leather pull tab.

You can put all your cards in the main compartment and easily access them by pulling on the leather pull tab. This will bring the cards out which you can fan out for easy access.

The wallet also comes with two additional pockets on the outside (this is separate from the main compartment). You can use one of them to put your favorite card for easy access and other for cash, coins or receipts.

Specialty: Lightweight wallet with elastic body and a pull tab for easy access to your cards.

16. Admetus Bifold Zipper Wallet (with a Separate Snap-on Section)

Admetus zipper wallet

This is a high quality bifold zipper (plus snap-on) wallet that comes with 6 card slots, 2 pockets for bills, 1 ID window, 1 coin pocket and two small pockets to keep an SD Card and a Micro SD Card.

A great thing about this wallet is that it comes with a snap-on section which is separate from the zipper section. This way, you can keep your important cards, receipts and cash in the snap-on section so you don’t have to keep opening the zipper to access it.

In addition, this wallet also comes with an extra pocket on the outside where you can put your most used card or cash so you don’t need to unzip or open the snap-on to access it.

All these features make this the perfect zipper wallet ever.

If your man likes zipper or snap-on wallets, he is sure to love this as a gift.

Specialty: Zipper wallet with an easy to access snap-on compartment on the outside.

17. Admetus Large Trifold wallet

Admetus trifold wallet

If you are looking for a big wallet with a large storage capacity that still looks and feels stylish, then look no further than this trifold leather wallet.

This wallet comes with 11 credit card slots, 2 bill pockets (1 with a zipper), 2 picture slots, 1 ID window, and one coin/change pocket with a snap-on (so your coins don’t fall out).

The only drawback with this wallet is that it is slightly bigger in size as compared to the average wallet. But if that is not a deterrent, then this is an awesome wallet to go for.

Specialty: Huge trifold wallet with plenty of storage space and a coin pocket with a snap-on.

18. Dango Tactical Wallet with Multitool

Dango M1 maverick wallet

The Dango M1 Maverick is a high end tactical four pocket wallet that comes with a well designed stainless steel multitool.

On the front of the wallet you get two card slots where you can insert your most used cards for easy access. On the back you get an ID pocket that comes with an open area so your ID is visible without you having to take it out.

On the inside, you have another ID window, a cash strap (that uses a silicone band) and a stainless steel multitool. You have an option to remove this tool to make more room for your cards.

The multitool comes with a bottle opener, rope tensioner, serrated saw edge, belt/strap cutter, 1/4 inch hex wrench, nail pryer, chisel and an oxygen sensor wrench.

It even comes with a paracord lanyard which is really cool.

This would make for the perfect gift for the handyman.

Specialty: Slim wallet with a stainless steel multi-tool.

19. HOJ – Bifold Wallet with Magnetic Money Clip

HOJ magnetic money clip wallet

This is a stylish full grain leather bifold wallet from HOJ that comes with an exterior magnetic money clip.

The magnetic clip can up to 10 bills folded in half.

In addition, this wallet has 6 Interior Card Slots, 2 Interior Receipt Pockets and 1 Exterior Card Slot.

The special feature about this wallet is that it has an exterior ID Window that makes it easy to display your ID quickly. It also has an external card slot where you can keep your favorite cards for easy access.

Specialty: Bifold wallet with a magnetic money clip and an external ID window and card compartment.

20. ACM Credit Card Wallet with Push Button Access

ACM push button wallet

This is a beautifully designed lightweight and compact mechanical wallet that allows you to safely store your cards and access them easily with the push of a button. Plus this wallet also comes with a money clip to store your cash.

It can hold 6 cards that you can label based on your preference.

This wallet also has a customization option (you can write the recipient’s name on it) at an additional rate.

Note: This wallet can only be carried in the front pocket. Not for back pocket use.

Specialty: Allows easy access to specific cards using a push button. Plus comes with a money clip.

21. Trayvax Element – Stainless Steel Wallet

Trayvax element wallet

The Trayvax Element is a rugged wallet that has a stainless steel frame wrapped in high quality oil-tanned leather.

It can hold between 3 – 10 cards and also comes with a money strap that can hold upto 5 bills easily.

Apart from that, this wallet also doubles as a multi tool as it has a bottle opener and an attachment point (key chain ring) which can be used to attach keys, lanyard etc.

Specialty: Slim wallet with a multi-tool, key ring attachment and leather money strap.

22. Zippo Stainless Steel Wallet

Zippo stainless steel wallet

This is a really cool and classy looking metal wallet from Zippo. The great thing about this wallet is that even though it’s a metal wallet, it looks and functions just like a regular wallet which makes it super easy to use.

This wallet can store upto 7 cards easily. It also has a ID compartment and a money slot to securely keep your bills.

The hinge and the card holders inside the wallet are made of rubber.

Specialty: Stainless steel wallet with secure compartments for holding cash, ID and cards.

23. Gerber Wallet with Utility Knife

Gerber GDC wallet

This product from Gerber is more of a multi-tool than a wallet. It comes with a money clip that can be used to keep money or credit cards. It also has a 1.75 inch fine edge blade which is really well designed for easy use.

Can make for the perfect gift for the outdoors man.

Specialty: If you are looking for a small utility knife and a money clip then this is the wallet for you.

24. Mr. Lentz Single Piece Leather Wallet

Mr Lentz leather wallet

What makes this wallet unique is that it is made from a single piece of full-grain, vegetable tanned leather. This makes the wallet look really cool and rugged both inside and out.

This wallet can easily hold upto 10 credit cards and all your cash.

You also have an option to add a nickel, stainless steel or leather chain to the wallet at an additional cost.

Another great thing about this wallet is that it’s customization. You can get your boyfriend/husband’s name imprinted on the wallet at an additional cost.

Specialty: Made from single piece full grain leather. Option to customize the wallet with the recipient’s name and an option to attach a chain if required.

25. Maxpedition – Nylon Fabric Micro Wallet

Maxpedition micro wallet

This is a super slim and lightweight micro wallet from Maxpedition that is made entirely from durable nylon fabric.

This wallet has 2 card/cash slots and a clear ID window on the inside and one card slot on the outside.

Specialty: Super lightweight wallet made from nylon fabric.

26. TRAVANDO RIO – Wallet with Magnetic Closure

Travando Rio wallet

This is a slim and stylish wallet from Travando that comes with an integrated money clip inside.

This wallet comes with 6 card slots on the inside and a card slot on the outside with a notch that allows for easy access.

Another great thing about this wallet is that it comes with a magnetic closure.

Specialty: Slim profile. Integrated money clip inside with magnetic closure.

27. Buffway Slim Front Pocket Leather Wallet

Buffway wallet

This is a slim, lightweight, non-folding wallet from Buffway that you can use to easily carry cash, business cards, Credit/Debit cards and IDs.

It has some really cool features like a favorite card slot (so you can easily access your favorite card using one hand) and a clear window ID slot (so you can easily display your ID without taking it out)

Specialty: Slim wallet with clear ID slot and favorite card slot on the outside.

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