17 Undeniable Signs That You Are Falling in Love With Someone

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Like they say, love just happens – you can’t control it. So how do you know when you are in love? If you are asking this question about someone, it’s quite a cinch that you are already in love with that person. However, listed in this article are some “falling in love” signs that are obvious when your heart is enthralled with someone.

Please note that these signs are by no means comprehensive and only represent a few common sensations, mind and bodily reactions most people feel when they have a deep crush on someone. Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know if or not you are in love!

17 Signs that you are falling in love

The cupid’s arrows hit the heart but your entire being responds to it. Here are the signs that suggest you are in love with someone.

1. Sleepless nights

Believe it or not this is true in every case. Anyone who falls in love gets the privilege of spending sleepless nights thinking about the object of his/her love.

Biologically this can be attributed to a high surge of adrenaline you might feel whenever you go all tingly thinking about him/her.

2. Your personal appearance becomes a priority

This is another obvious sign of someone falling in love. You will find yourself spending more time grooming and priming up to look your best.

Guys who never gave two cents about their appearance would suddenly become conscious of their hairdo and facial hair – trying out new hairstyles and dressing styles is quite a norm among the love stricken.

3. Blushing is well in order

This is true for both guys and girls. If you see a girl blushing while talking to a guy or the other way round, it’s a sure fire indicator of feelings of love or infatuation.

They say it’s not manly to blush but most guys can’t really help it – girls find that cute anyway.

4. Daydreaming becomes quite frequent

Anyone who’s been in love will attest to the fact that they spent a lot of time daydreaming about spending time with their love interest.

If you are having romantic daydreams about someone, without your conscious knowledge, it’s a definite indication that the person has you enthralled in his/her love.

5. Changes in body language

When falling in love, becoming self conscious is a side effect.

You will find yourself getting conscious of the way you walk or talk when your love interest is in the vicinity.

Some unconscious body language creeps in such as – touching up your hair every now and then or a dreamy look in the eyes.

6. You are not all that hungry anymore

Love is easily a killer of appetites. Maybe it’s an unconscious desire to tone up the body or it’s just that your mind is too busy with love to bother about food.

This may not happen to everyone, but many people who have fallen in love attest to losing their appetite for food for a good period of time.

7. You start feeling jealous for no reason

If you see your love interest talking to someone else, you start feeling the tinges of jealousy arising in your heart. This is true for guys and girls.

Getting jealous is a definite “falling in love” sign – why else would a harmless conversation get you so worked up?

It’s common to feel anxiety about if he/she has a boyfriend/girlfriend.

8. Eye contact sends electricity through you

People who have experienced this can relate to the sensation.

This happens during the initial stages of falling in love, you will feel a shiver, or a tingle, go through your entire body whenever you make eye contact with your love interest.

The talk about going “puppies eyes” is quite true. So if you are asking how do you know if you are in love with someone? Just make eye contact with them and see how your body responds.

9. You keep checking your phone

You have this constant urge to keep checking your phone every 10 seconds or so to see if you have received a message from your love interest. A message from your love interest gives you goosebumps especially if it comes after a long time.

10. You feel like listening to romantic songs

Whenever you listen to a romantic song or watch something romantic, you are reminded of your love interest. You keep listening to some songs again and again thinking about your love.

11. You feel a lot more positive and happy

Research indicates that when you are in love, your body shuts down neural pathways for negative emotions like fear and negativity. Plus, your body also produces a high level of dopamine – a hormone that makes you feel good.

This means, your overall outlook of life improves. You feel a lot more positive and happy.

Similarly, you also feel a lot less judgmental of others. You complain less and your focus shifts to the good things in life.

12. You feel a lot more energetic

Being in love gives you energy. This is because when you are in love, your body produces cortisol – a hormone that helps you stay more alert. Plus, your body also produces dopamine – a hormone that causes you to feel excitement and pleasure. Both these hormones combined, you feel active and full of energy.

For example, you don’t have any difficulty getting up in the morning. In-fact, you hop out of bed full of energy and excitement to take on the day.

13. You feel more creative

Love helps you get in touch with your creative side. Again, the reason for this is the high levels of Dopamine hormone that is known to boost creativity.

Out of no where, you feel like writing poetry or come up with creative text messages that you send to your love interest.

It’s no wonder that love has inspired such great works of art. In fact, the greatest love poems were written by people who were in love.

14. You are not focused on the physical

The great mystic Rumi while describing being with his lover, said, “When I am with you, everything is prayer.

This is what love does to you. It elevates you. You are no longer focused on the physical aspects of your lover. Love is beyond the physical.

Even though you want to be in your partner’s arms, and the thought of a kiss sends shivers down your spine, this is very different from raw physical attraction. Raw physical attraction is often the result of infatuation and not true love.

By the way, check out these beautiful love quotes from Rumi.

15. You have a hollow feeling in your chest

There is a strange feeling of a void in your chest when you are not with your partner. In other words, you miss your partner deeply and can’t wait to meet with him/her again. You only feel complete in his/her presence.

16. You feel more confident

When you are in love, your sense of self transforms. You start believing in yourself and start taking care of yourself better. You begin to make positive changes in your life. Your aim is to become a better person for your partner. For example, you start working out, eating healthy and working toward your goals.

17. Your partner becomes your first priority

When in love, your partner becomes your top most priority. Everything else seems secondary in comparison. You go out of your way to make time for your partner even if you have a busy schedule. You prioritize your partner over your friends and family members and so on.

These are the most commons signs that you are falling in love with someone. If you catch yourself exhibiting these signs, be sure to take action instead of just dreaming about your love interest. It’s important to express your love without worrying about rejection.