15 Stylish Nylon Wallets for Men (with Pros and Cons)

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There was a time when men’s wallets automatically meant that it was made from leather. But off-late the trend is changing and more and more men are gravitating toward non-leather wallets be it of a nylon, polyester or canvas make and for a good reason.

There are various advantages to using a nylon (or polyester) wallet. For one, they do not wrinkle or age easily. Plus they are light weight and are not bulky as leather wallets are. This means, you can carry them conveniently in your front, side or back pocket.

Fabric wallets are also washable and best of all, they are Eco-friendly.

There is a wide range of nylon wallets available in the market today and if you are having a tough time deciding what to buy, we have for you the list of Top 15 Nylon Wallets to make your decision easier.

1. LightFold – Nylon Trifold Wallet

Lightfold Trifold Nylon Wallet

First on our list is this compact yet spacious trifold wallet made from Rip Stop nylon (for added durability) prefect for the front or back pocket.

This wallet has three slots for your cards (can fit in 10 to 12 cards easily) and a large compartment for cash, receipts etc. Plus it comes with a spandex strap that helps keep the contents nice and secure.


  • Has a slim profile and yet is pretty roomy.
  • Lots of space to store your cards. Comes with three card slots that can each carry 3 to 4 cards easily (total of 9 to 12 cards).
  • Comes with an elastic band that wraps around the wallet helping secure the contents (prevents cards from falling out).


  • No zipper compartment to store coins.
  • No ID window.

2. BigSkinny- Nylon Microfiber Trifold Wallet

Bigskinny Nylon Microfiber wallet

This wallet is made from durable nylon microfiber that makes it super light weight and machine washable.

It has plenty of space and comes with 1 ID card window, 4 credit card slots and 2 hidden slots for extra storage. Plus it has a full sized compartment for storing cash.

One great feature about this wallet is that the slots are lined with a rubbery coating that securely holds the cards preventing them from falling out.


  • Plenty of room to store your cards. Can store up to 15 to 20 cards easily.
  • Slots have a rubber lining that helps prevent your cards from sliding out.
  • Has an ID pocket (with clear window) and a full-sized compartment for bills.
  • Machine washable.


  • There is a rubber logo on the front which some may not like. (Although you can easily remove this using a snitch ripper).
  • No closure mechanism (like Velcro), although some might like it this way.

3. Timberland – Cordura Nylon Trifold Wallet

Timberland pro nylon wallet

Made from Cordura Nylon (for added durability) this wallet from Timberland comes with a Velcro Hook and Loop closure for added security.

You get plenty of slots (close to 12) for storing your cards, one clear ID window and a large compartment for cash.


  • Comes with a clear ID window and plenty of card slots for storage.
  • Has Velcro closure.


  • No zippered compartment.
  • Thick rubber logo on the front of the wallet which some may not like. This can be a little tricky to remove.
  • Tight nylon that doesn’t flex easily.
  • Some users complain that this wallet feels a little bulky when full and that the Velcro is a little too strong and difficult to open.

4. Viator Gear – Bifold Wallet

Viator bifold nylon wallet

This Bifold wallet from Viator Gear is made with a blend of Rip Stop Nylon and Super Bondcote which makes it
strong and durable.

It has 6 horizontal and 2 vertical pockets where you can easily store your cards or cash.

Simple, stylish and slim wallet for your front or side pocket.


  • Has a deep cash pocket and two hidden pockets.
  • Made from a combination of Rip Stop Nylon and Super Bondcote for added durability.


  • Some users find that the credit card slots are a little tight making it hard to put in and pull out cards.
  • Has no zipper pocket.
  • Has no ID card window.

5. Rainbow of California – Trifold Wallet with Zipped Pouch & Velcro Closure

ROC Velcro nylon wallet

This is a large wallet made from cordura nylon that comes with a velcro closure.

It has many slots for your cards and also has a zipped pouch for your cash that runs the full length of the wallet.

This wallet is roughly 3 x 5 inches in size and while some might consider it overpriced, it is great if you want to carry a lot of cards and IDs.


  • Comes with a full length Zippered pocket for coins and cash.
  • Has a clear ID window.
  • Has Velcro closing mechanism.
  • Folds nice and flat even when full.
  • Has a neat and clean look with no logo on the outside.


  • Slightly bigger in length (at 5 inches) than you regular trifold wallet.

6. Herschel – Men’s Zipper Wallet with External Slots

Herschel nylon zipper wallet

This cool polyester wallet from Herschel has 3 card slots and 1 pocket (for holding cash, receipts etc.) on the outside and
a zipper compartment for cash and coins.

This is the perfect slim wallet if you are going to carry only a few cards and some cash.

Plus, this wallet is available in a wide range of colors.


  • Ultra slim and compact wallet that is 3 inches high and 4.5 inches wide.
  • Comes with a full length zippered pouch for securely storing your cash.
  • Has one external pocket (on the front) and three external card slots (at the back) for easy access to cards.


  • Has a large logo on the front which some may not like.
  • The zipper metal is a little on the bigger side and can dangle which some may not like.

7. Dickies – Trifold Wallet with Zippered Compartment

Dickies trifold nylon wallet with zip comparment

This stylish trifold wallet from Dickies comes with a Velcro closure.

As for the storage, it comes with a clear ID slot, 2 card slots and a slip compartment. You also get a zippered pocket where you can store cash/coins.


  • Full length compartment for cash and a zippered pouch for coins, keys etc.
  • Comes with a clear ID window.
  • Velcro closing mechanism.
  • Hand washable.


  • At 4.9 inches high and 4.1 inches wide, this wallet is neither too big nor too small.
  • Has a Dickies logo upfront which some may not like (although this can be removed easily).

8. Tumi – Ballistic Nylon Trifold Wallet

Tumi bifold wallet

Made with ballistic nylon (making it highly durable) this stylish lightweight BiFold wallet from Tumi
comes with 6 card slots, 2 slip pockets and a single compartment for storing cash, receipts etc.


  • Very well made, stylish and durable with a slim profile.
  • Hand washable.


  • This is a pretty small wallet ( 3.1″ x 4.4″ in size) and is designed to fit USD bills. You might have issues with other currencies.
  • No ID slot.
  • No zippered compartment.
  • Wallet is a bit too expensive.

9. Zaga – Trifold Wallet with Velcro Closure

Zaga trifold wallet

This is a casual, lightweight trifold wallet that comes with velcro closure.

As for storage space, it has a clear ID slot, a few slots for credit cards, a bill comparment (which is deep and fits cash perfectly) and a handy zippered pocket for coins.


  • Clean design with no logo on the outside.
  • Comes with Hook & Loop Velcro closure.
  • Has a zippered compartment for coins and a large compartment for bills.
  • Has a clear ID window.


  • The zippered compartment is small and can only be used to hold coins, keys etc. It cannot hold cards, ID etc.

10. Dakine – Men’s Vert Rail Wallet

Dakine trifold wallet

This is a stylish trifold wallet from Dakine that offers plenty of space. It comes with 5 card slots, 1 clear ID pocket, 3 hidden pockets and 1 large money pocket.


  • Slim wallet yet very roomy. Has deep bill pockets and card slots.
  • Wallet is large enough to fit your passport.
  • Comes with Velcro closure.


  • Some people can find this wallet a little bigger than average.
  • It has bigger card slots which means your cards might fall out unless stacked together.
  • There is a big logo sewn onto the front of the wallet which some may not like. (This can be removed using seam ripper).

11. Rapdom – Trifold Wallet with Non-Sticky Mesh Slots

Rapdom tactical trifold wallet

This is a slim and compact Trifold wallet that comes with Velcro closure. It has plenty of room on the inside with 18 compartments. This includes 2 large compartments for cash, one with a zippered pocket for coins.

It also comes with 2 non-sticky mesh slots for ID. The ID is easily visible through the mesh material.


  • Plenty of compartments and pockets for storage.
  • Has an American flag patch/label on the front which looks good.
  • Comes with Velcro closure.
  • Has 2 non-sticky mesh slots for ID. Clear plastic slots can get sticky while mesh is non-sticky. Plus, the ID is clearly visible.
  • Has a zippered pocket for coins inside the bill compartment.


  • None.

12. Chums – Zipper Wallet with Key Ring Loop

Chums zipper wallet

This is a well designed slim zipper wallet that comes with an external clear ID window (with a zipper), a pocket right behind the ID window for storing cards, another pocket on the front for storing your favorite cards (for easy access) and
a main zippered compartment for cash and coins.

This wallet also comes with a key ring attachment, so you can attach your keys to it.


  • Slim profile with plenty of room to store many cards and cash.
  • Zippered clear ID window on the outside for easy display.
  • A card slot on the outside for easy access.
  • Key-ring loop for attaching your keys which is detachable.


  • Is not water resistant.

13. Allett Ultra Light Nylon Wallet

Allet slim nylon wallet

This Allett wallet has plenty of carrying capacity with 4 card slots (that can hold up to 24 cards according to the manufacturer) and two separate bill compartments (this includes one half pocket for bills and a large one for everything else).


  • Ultra light and thin profile.
  • Comes with a super thin durable fabric which is sweat and water resistant.
  • Because of the thin fabric, the wallet looks slim even when fully loaded.
  • Has two different cash pockets (one half pocket for cash).


  • No ID window.
  • No zippered compartment for coins.
  • The thin material can feel flimsy.
  • Card slots are a little big and hence cards can fall out if you do not stack more than 2 cards in each slot.

14. Maxpedition – Spartan Trifold Wallet

Maxpedition spartan nylon wallet

Made from ballistic nylon (which makes this wallet very durable) this wallet offers you a lot of storage space. It has 6 vertical card slots that can be secured using Velcro straps (two front slots have mesh exterior). In addition, you also get horizontal card slots that can be used for additional cards/cash. You also get two large compartments for bills.

The back of this wallet has a mesh pocket that can be used to store tickets, receipts etc. It can also double as an ID pocket.

All of this is secured using Velcro closure.


  • Plenty of storage space for cards and cash. Has 2 large compartments for cash.
  • Two Velcro straps inside to secure your cards.
  • External mesh pocket for quick access to temporary storage items like receipts, tickets etc.


  • Maxpedition logo on the front which some many not prefer (Although this can be removed easily).
  • No zippered pouch.

15. Maxpedition – Micro Wallet

Maxpedition micro nylon wallet

It doesn’t get any more simpler than this micro wallet from Maxpedition.

This wallet comes with 2 card slots (can hold up to 6 cards) and 1 clear ID window on the inside and one card slot on the outside.

So if you looking for a small, compact and rugged wallet (and not looking to carry too much stuff in it) then this wallet would fit the bill perfectly.


  • Strong durable fabric that is water resistant to a certain degree.
  • External pocket that can be used for temporary storage.
  • Clear ID pocket on the inside.


  • Has no closure mechanism (no Velcro).
  • No zippered pocket.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means we get a small commission for purchases through links in this story (with no extra cost to you). As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Click here to know more.