16 Beautiful Songs About Family that Celebrate the Joy of Those Relationships

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This list is a collection of 16 of the most beautiful songs that celebrate family life and love even if it is being explored through conflicting emotions.

Here’s the list:

1. Our House – Madness

This seven piece, London based band are best remembered for their distinctive ‘nutty’ style and crazy dancing. Their musical career spanned more than 20 years in the UK, peaking in the 1980s although they only achieved success in the US with this one song.

‘Our House’ is a tongue in cheek celebration of family life but still manages to convey a deeper and serious message of the importance of home.


2. Father and Son – Cat Stevens

This 1970s hit for Cat Stevens surfaced again in 1995 when it was covered by Irish boy band ‘Boyzone’. It is another father and son relationship exploration, sung from both points of view.

The Cat Steven’s version is particularly powerful and every line is loaded with emotion, marking clearly the parts that are those of the father and those of the son, struggling to look at things from the same perspective.

3. Back Home Again – John Denver

Many of John Denver’s songs are based around the theme of the importance of home and family but this song seems to do it the best of all.

Told from the point of view of somebody returning home to their family, it recounts all that is ordinary and how it is the small, simple things that mean the most.

4. Somebody’s Hero – Jamie O’ Neal

This Jamie O’ Neal song is an bow to mothers everywhere and their endless, lifelong sacrifices to their children.

Australian born Jamie’s message is clear. In a world where we are constantly looking for heroes, look no further than your own mother.

5. No Charge – Melba Montgomery

Although the original Melba Montgomery recording in 1974 topped both the US and Canadian country music charts, this song is better remembered by many people through Tammy Wynette’s version.

Considered by many to be a little heavy on the sugar, it is nonetheless a song that again illustrates the unsung heroism of mothers everywhere.

6. Running in the Family – Level 42

The best songs about family are perhaps those that relate childhood memories and the security of home.

This song does all of that but does it simply. It doesn’t try and paint childhood and home as a perfect picture but rather tells it as it is.


7. We Are Family – Sister Sledge

Nothing screams family and the strong bond that exists between sisters more than this song by American vocal group ‘Sister Sledge’.

This song is so powerful that it has been covered by multiple artists over the years both in the USA and internationally.

8. Through the Years – Kenny Rogers

This can be viewed more as a love song, but none the less, it talks about the strong and beautiful bond that exists between a husband and wife and how this bond grows stronger through the years.

9. I’ll Always Love My Mama – The Intruders

This song by Philly soul group ‘The Intruders’ is perhaps one of the most commonly played songs on Mother’s Day and for a good reason.

The song not only has an irresistible beat it also has some well written lyrics on why mothers are the best.

10. Kooks – David Bowie

Kooks is a fun, lighthearted family song written by David Bowie for his new born son.

By the way, Bowie’s son is film director Duncan Jones who is popular for directing the science fiction movie – ‘The Moon’.

11. Dear Mama – Tupac

This is a beautiful song with pretty deep lyrics by American hip-hop artist, Tupac praising and thanking his mother for everything she did and the struggles she went through to raise him.

12. There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays – Perry Como

This song by Perry Como is sure to make anyone homesick be it the holidays or not. It reminds you how valuable your home and family is. Rightfully as the song says, there is no place like home.

13. Mama – Spice Girls

Mama is a song by the British girl group – The Spice Girls. This song speaks of all the difficulties in relationship that exists between mother and daughter(s) during the rebellious teenage days. And how after growing up a bit you realize that all your mother did was for your good.

14. The Best Day – George Strait

This song is pretty much a well-written tale told by a father who remembers the wonderful times spent with his son at various stages of his life.

15. A Song for Mama – Boyz II Men

This is another classic song for all the mothers out there by American R&B band – Boyz II Men. This was also the theme song to the 1997 motion picture ‘Soul Food’.

16. In the Living Years – Mike and the Mechanics

This song topped the charts in the US and Canada in 1989 but stopped short, at number two, in the band’s native England. The song oozes pathos, sung as it is from the point of view of a grown son looking back on his disparate relationship with his father.

The song, apparently written from first hand experience, seems to urge us to accept differences with our family without allowing them to become what defines a relationship. The message is – life is short, make sure you do what you have to ‘in the living years’.

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