59 Funny Gifts For Coworkers That Are Actually Useful!

Funny coworker gift ideas

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Looking to find funny gifts to give your favorite coworker(s)? The following is our collection of 59 funny gifts that are sure to bring some much needed fun into the workplace. Plus, most of these gifts have practical value too.

Here’s the list:

1. Otter Tape Dispenser

Everyone could use a cool tape dispenser.

Otter tape dispenser

2. Post-it Cat Figure Pop-up Note Dispenser

Post it cat

3. Natico Decision Maker and Paper Weight

Great gift for a coworker who has a hard time arriving at decisions. This decision maker is heavy and doubles as a desk organizer and paperweight.
Decision maker paper weight

4. Gun Cylinder Pen Holder & Paper Weight

cylinder pen holder and paper weight

5. High Heel Swingline Stapler

Swingline high heel stapler

6. The Big Red NO! Button

Great gift for someone who has a hard time saying NO!
No button for coworker

7. Manatea Tea Infuser and Mug Gift Set

Any tea lover will find this gift not only funny but also very useful.
Manatea tea infuser and mug

8. Talking Stress Relief Ball

We all could use a talking stress relief ball.
Office stress relief ball

9. Spunky Hedgehog Plush Stuffed Toy

Hedgehog stuffed toy desk accessory

10. Wooden Elephant Cell Phone Holder

Elephant pen holder

11. ‘You Know Too Much’ Mug

You know too much mug

12. Drama Llama Coffee Mug

No drama llama mug

13. You’ll Love This Book as Much as You Hate Your Job (45 Cards)

This book contains 45 cards each with a funny message that can be used to decorate your cubicle. The cards also double as a postcard.
You will love this book as much as you hate your job.

14. Funny Laptop Sleeve Tote Bag

Funny laptop bag

15. “I Said No” Pen

I said no pen

16. Mouse Pad With A Funny Message

Happy and you know it mouse pad

17. Cactus Pen Holder (With Magnetic Core to Hold Paper Clips)

Cactus pen holder

18. Unicorn Decision Maker Pen

What would a unicorn do pen

19. Cactus Pen

Cactus pen

20. Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy

Unicorn cotton candy

21. Stress Relief Putty

This stress relief putty is heat sensitive and changes color when you play with it.

Stress relief putty

22. Every Excuse in the Book

Contains 714 Ways to Say, It’s Not My Fault!
Every excuse in the book

23. Cassette Tape Dispenser And Pen Holder

Cassette tape pen holder

24. Funny Pug Eyeglass Holder

Funny yet practical gift for a coworker who wears glasses.

Pug eyeglass holder

25. Robot USB Flash Drive

Robot USB flash drive

26. Shut Up Liver You’re Fine – Wine Glass

Funny wine glass

27. Bobble Head Pens With Suction Holder

Bobble head pens

28. ‘Things I Want To Say To My Coworkers’ Journal

Things I want to say to coworkers journal

29. Einstein Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

Einstein paper clip holder

30. Funny Tape Dispenser & Pen Holder

Funny Tape Dispenser & Pen Holder

31. Desktop Punching Bag For Stress Relief

Desktop Punching Bag

32. Super Large Coffee Cup

This cup is 10.5 inch in diameter and 6.5 inch in height. Perfect gift for someone who loves drinking lots of coffee.

Super large coffee cup

33. Toasty Sticky Notes

Toasty sticky notes

34. Canned Unicorn Meat

Yup, this one is not very practical, but well, it’s really funny!

Canned unicorn

35. Funny Emoji Desk Accessory

Flip book that contains 29 funny emoji cards to represent your every mood.

Emoji desk accessory

36. 29 Dog Memes Flip Cards

This can make for an excellent gift for a dog lover.

Dog meme cards

37. Tell Me A Quote Button

Feeling uninspired? Press the button to listen to a motivational quote. This product contains 101 Pre-Recorded motivational quotes.
Tell me a quote button

38. Bob Ross Bobble-head With Sound

This is a 4″ bobble head figure that plays 10 famous sayings from the painter Bob Ross. Plus you also get a Mini easel book featuring 30 of Ross’s landscape works.

Bob Ross bobble head

39. ‘I Work So My Dog Can Have A Better Life’ – Funny Square Sign

Can make for a great gift if your coworker owns a dog.

Dog can have a better life sign

40. ‘I Work So My Cat Can Have Nice Things’ – Funny Mouse Pad

If your coworker is a cat person, then this would make for a hilarious gift.

Cat can have nice things mouse pad

41. Golf Club Pen Set

Any gold enthusiast would love this set.

Golf club pen set

42. I’m Totally Flexible – Sign Box

I am totally flexible sign box

43. I’m Kind Of A Big Deal – Desk Plate

I'm kind of a big deal - office desk plate

44. Desktop Skee-Ball Game

Desktop skee ball

45. Anti-Stress Foam Enter Key

Large enter button that you can punch or hit to vent your anger. This actually doubles as an enter button on your computer and even as a pillow in times of need.
Large foam stress-relief enter key

46. 14 oz Soy Candle With Funny Quote

Soy candle with funny quote

47. Cute Christmas Beanie With LED Lights

Christmas beanie with LED lights

48. Don’t Touch – Useless Box

When you flip the switch on this box, a cute little tiger pops out and turns the switch off! This can lead to hours of endless fun at the workplace. So this box is not so useless after all.

Don't touch useless box

49. The Good Advice Cupcake

This is a 3″ cupcake figurine that speaks 8 popular catchphrases.

Good advice cupcake

50. Mice and Cheese – Stress Relief Toy

Includes 2 squishable mouse figures and a cheese block.

Cheese and mice stress busting oy

51. Medieval Push Pins Collection

Medieval push pins collection

52. ‘I’ve Got Your Back’ Mug

I've Got Your Back Mug

53. Fruit Beadeez – Squishy Fruit Stress Balls

Fruit beads stress balls

54. Feisty Stuffed Animals

These stuffed animals change from cute to ferocious when you squeeze them!

Feisty stuffed animals

55. Wooden Drum Stick Pencils

Drum stick pencils

56. Happy Camper Pen Stand

Happy camper pen stand

57. Cupcake Sticky Notes

Cupcake Sticky Notes

58. Portable Dartboard With Magnetic Darts

Portable Dartboard With Magnetic Darts

59. The Fear Of Hearing About Your Co-Workers Weekend Candle

The Fear Of Hearing About Your Co-Workers Weekend Candle

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means we get a small commission for purchases through links in this story (with no extra cost to you). As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Click here to know more.