57 Small And Cute Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend (or Husband)

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Want to give your boyfriend a cute gift but unsure what to give? Don’t worry, we got your covered.

This article is a collection of 45 of the cutest gifts for men that your boyfriend is sure to love receiving. Gifts on this list are not only cute, they are also small and very practical. These are gifts that your boyfriend/husband can put to use on a daily basis.

The best part about these small gifts is that you can gift them to your man at any time. You don’t need to wait for an occasion. So without further adieu let’s take a look at these products.

Here’s the list.

Keychain with shipping top

Keychain with spinning top

This cool key-chain comes with a detachable spinning top. The top has been designed to spin non-stop for a long time (5 minutes minimum).

Spinning the top and watching it spin is a great way to take your mind off things and relax.

Cute guitar pick

I Pick You – Guitar Pick

Cute stainless steel guitar pick with the message ‘I Pick You‘ and a heart sign, inscribed on it. Comes in a jewelry gift box and is perfect for gifting.

Use this to tell your boyfriend that your heart will always belong to him.

Small rechargeable cap light

Rechargeable Cap Light

This is a cute, lightweight (weights only 25g) cap light that has three different lighting modes. It also comes with motion detection for hands-free usage.

The 135 degree tiltable body allows for easy adjustment so you don’t have to move your head to get it to focus where you want to.

Comes with powerful rechargeable batteries.

Perfect if your boyfriend is into jogging, cycling, hiking or other outdoor activities.

Small key-chain light

Compact Triple-Output Keychain Light

Compact and lighweight keychain light that can produce 300-lumen beam. Comes with a split ring so you can easily attach it to to your keys or carabiner clips.

Has three output levels with easy to use click-type switch and comes with a rechargeable battery and a micro-USB charging port.

This is an excellent everyday carry item for any guy.

Mini desk top golf trolley

Miniature Golf Trolley with Golf Club Pens!

Cute, miniature golf trolley that comes with three golf clubs and a plastic green lawn. The best part is that the golf clubs double as actual working pens!

This can make for a great desk gift if your guy is into golfing.

Pocket sized recipe book for men

Pocket Book -Recipes Every Man Should Know

This is a cute pocket sized recipe book for guys that contains a whole plethora of wonderful recipes that are super easy to make.

Would make for a great gift for any man who is even remotely interested in learning to cook.

Portable mini fan

Cute Portable Phone Fan for iPhone and Android

Help him cool down by gifting him this cute mini fan. This fan is easy to carry along and works with both Android and iPhone phones. It comes with a powerful motor that generates a lot of wind and is pretty silent while running.

Great for use during camping, hiking, travelling, ballgames, picnics etc.

Army man bottle opener

Army Man Bottle Opener

Made with durable die-cast metal, this cute army man bottle opener will be an instant hit with any man.

Optical illusion spinner ball

Optical Illusion Spinner Ball

This cute fidget toy produces a mesmerizing optical illusion when spun. Anyone will want to keep spinning it again and again. Makes for a wonderful desk toy.

Cute pug pen holder

Cute Pug Pen Holder & Bone Pen

It doesn’t get any cuter than this pug pen holder than comes with a bone shaped pen.

Would make for a great gift for a pug/dog lover.

Tie and belt hanger with spinner

Tie/Belt Hanger with Spinner

This tie/belt hanger will make his life easier by helping him organize his belts/ties.

This hanger is super easy to use and spins 360° that can help with easy selection. It also comes with anti-slip hooks that securely hold the ties/belts in place. Makes for a small yet practical gift.

Small 3d guitar illusion lamp

3D Guitar Illusion Lamp

This cool lamp generates a beautiful 3D illusion of a guitar and has 7 adjustable colors.

This would make for an excellent gift for a guitar/music lover.

Color changing coffee mug

Color Changing Mug

The beautiful graphic on this mug changes color (from black to red) when the mug holds a hot beverage.

Great gift for a man who loves drinking tea/coffee.

Portable radio and flash light

Self Powered Flash Light & Radio

This device comes with a radio (AM/FM), Flashlight and Mobile Power Bank that can be charged using a hand crank or using solar power or Micro USB.

Makes for a cute as well as practical gift for the outdoors man.

Bullet glass

Bullet Glass

A really cute one of a kind glass that has a real bullet in it. The bullet is solid copper and is lead and gunpowder free which makes it really safe.

Any man would love to drink out of this glass.

Guitar mug

Ceramic Guitar Mug

Cute ceramic mug with a guitar shaped handle.

Will make for a lovely novelty gift for any man who loves drinking coffee/tea.

Small digital wood clock

Digital Wood Clock

This simple yet stylish looking timepiece is made from a single piece of wood and has the time displayed in glowing digital numerals. Would look great on his home or office desk.

Cute electronic word clock

Cute & Stylish Electronic Word Clock

Who wants a boring clock when you can have this stylish and sleek electric word clock that tells time conversationally. For example, ‘it is ten minutes past twelve‘.

This unique clock will look great on any home or desk setting.

Mini car humidifier

Mini Car Humidifier

This is a small, stylish and easy to use humidifier that is perfect for use in a car.

Your boyfriend can use this as a humidifier as well as an essential oil diffuser. Makes for a great mood lifter.

Watermelon keg kit

Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit

Help him turn any watermelon into a keg using this cool tapping kit. This kit comes with a Keg Tap and a Coring tool (to help you remove the watermelon pulp).

This is great for barbecues, picnics, and parties and your man is sure to thank you for it.

Giant gummy cola bottle

Giant Gummy Cola Bottle

If your man loves cola and gummy bears, he will fall in love with this giant cola flavored, soda bottle shaped gummy.

Battle axe pen

Battle Axe Pen

Get your boyfriend one or all three of these cute battle weapon shaped pens. These pens are hand painted and look really unique. We recommend going for the Battle Axe Pen.

Mini air blaster

Mini Air Blaster

Why go through the pain of turning on the vacuum cleaner when you can just as well get the job done using this cute, little air blower? Your boyfriend can use this blower (styled like a leaf blower) to quickly remove dirt and dust off the keyboard, computer parts, work desk and pretty much his entire cubicle.

This would make for the perfect desk accessory.

Full support travel pillow

Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Help your man sleep in peace during his travels by gifting him this super comfy travel pillow that offers complete support for your head, chin and neck.

This can be the perfect gift if your man travels a lot.

Self roller massage balls

Zongs Self Roller Massage Ball

This cute little ball is designed to help you give yourself the perfect massage. Plus, you can use this to give your man a massage that he will never forget.

Aromatherapy necklace

Cute Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace

Help your man relax and stay positive all day by gifting him this cute aromatherapy necklace.

This necklace has a detachable chamber that can be filled with your favorite essential oil that will then be diffused throughout the day.

Handmade spectacle holder

Cute Handmade Spectacle Holder

Does your boyfriend wear glasses? If so, you can gift him this cute spectacle holder which will look great on his desk.

This holder is handcrafted and painted to resemble a tiger.

Key-chain with telescopic pen

Key-chain with Telescopic Pen

With this cool key-chain, he will always have a pen nearby to jot down important messages.

This key-chain comes with a compact 50 mm cylindrical bar that when pulled converts into a 115 mm pen. Cool isn’t it?

Multi-tool screwdriver

11-in-1 Multi-tool Screwdriver

This seemingly simple device carries within it 8 interchangeable tool tips and 3 nut driver sizes making it the perfect tool for any handyman. It can be used to open all kids of nuts and bolts.

An added advantage is the cushion grip that offers great comfort while working with this tool.

Best boyfriend trophy

World’s Best Boyfriend Trophy

Let him know that he is the best boyfriend in the whole entire world by gifting him this cute trophy.

Automatic tape dispenser

Automatic Tape Dispenser

Tapes are super messy to handle in the absence of a dispenser. This device dispenses the right amount of tape with just the press of a button making things super easy.

If your boyfriend is a handyman, he will really appreciate this gift.

Happiness is romantic book

500 Ways to Show I Love You – Book

This is a adorable little book is filled with 500 cute illustrations, each explaining why being in love is the best thing ever.

It would be a lot of fun going through this book together with your man.

Love you so much mug

I Love You This Much Mug

Cute mug with the illustration of an octopus spreading out its tentacles to try and show how infinite your love really is for your boyfriend.

Vow to love you mug

I Vow to Love You Mug

Is your boyfriend a gamer? Then this mug would make for the perfect gift!

I am grateful for you book

Why I am Grateful for You Book

This is a cute fill-in-the-blanks book that has various prompts followed by a blank space where you can fill out your answers.

Give your boyfriend the completed book and is he sure to read it again and again.

Cute knight pen holder

Cute Knight Pen Holder

Make him feel like a king by giving him this cute pen holder that features a knight bending on his knees while offering the pen.

Moon light bulb

Moon Lamp with 3 Light Settings

This 3D printed moon lamp is not only cute but also very realistic looking. It gives out a beautiful romantic glow and can make for the perfect night light. It has three light modes that can be controlled via touch.

Your man is sure to go gaga over this one.

Explosion gift box

Explosion gift box

This is a pre-designed gift box that when opened converts into a beautiful multi-layered card.

The best part is that this you can customize this gift box as per your preference. You can paste pictures/stickers, write love notes and even include a mini gift inside.

LED candle light holder

LED Candle Light Holder

This cute LED candle holder projects heart symbols and a custom love message on surfaces it is placed adjacent to (as you can see from the image). The custom message can be the name of your husband/boyfriend or a love message or a combination of both.

LED candle is included with the product so you don’t need to buy those separately.

Cute love coupons

Pre-written Love Coupons

These are pre-written love coupons you can give your boyfriend/husband so he gets to choose which coupon to use and when depending on his mood.

The coupons themselves are well designed and come pre-written with cute favors.

Heart shaped flash drive

Heart Shaped USB Flash Drive

There is a USB flash drive inside the heart and the heart itself comes in a beautiful box.

You can upload the flash drive with pictures, videos and music that mean something to the both of you before gifting it to your man.

Tiny Love capsules

Love Capsules with Love Notes

This is a box of 50 cute love capsules. Each capsule contains a small note where you can write your message before putting them back inside.

Give this to your boyfriend and he will cherish it forever.

Creative Magnetic Pen

This is a fully functional pen that doubles as a magnetic sculpture building toy. Can definitely make for the perfect desk accessory.

Da Vinci Cryptex Box

If your boyfriend is into puzzles then this Cryptex would make for a one of a kind gift. To open this Cryptex, you need to arrange the letters to read ILOVEU (or any other password that you set). You can give your boyfriend a clue or two (along with the gift) so he can guess the password himself.

Inside the Cryptex are two beautiful rings, one for you and one for him.

Maxpedition Micro Wallet

This cute micro wallet from maxpedition is the definition of minimal. It has one ID slot and 2 card slots on the inside and one slot on the outside.

Made from nylon this wallet is lightweight and is perfect when you are not looking to carry too much with you.

Zippo Ace Lighter

Cute as well as practical, this lighter from Zippo is windproof and comes with the distinctive Zippo click.

Flexible Cellphone Holder

This cute cellphone holder is made from high quality malleable silicon and can hold a variety of phones because of it’s flexible design. Plus this product is designed to be used anywhere you want.

You can hang it in the car (on the rear view mirror), on pant loops, wall outlets (while charging), on fitness equipments and pretty much anywhere you want making it super comfortable and versatile.

Archie Mcphee Toothpick Dispenser

If your boyfriend uses toothpicks then he is bound to love this cute toothpick dispenser.

Here’s how this works: when you push the little bird’s head down, a toothpick comes out from below, and the bird picks it up for you.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

If he is a fan of Star Wars and he knows how to use chopsticks then watch his face light-up when you get him these LED glowing chopsticks that look like mini light-sabers.

Coffee Cup Warmer With Touchscreen Switch

This cute little coffee warmer will make for a great gift for any coffee/tea lover.

The best part about this device is that it is designed to keep your beverages at a constant temperate of 131℉. This is great for anyone who does not like their beverages to get too hot.

This warmer can be used to warm any type of cup be it metal, enamel, ceramic, glassware or even plastic.

You Are My Sunshine – Music Box

Tell him he is your sunshine by gifting him this wooden music box.

This box is small enough to fit in the palm of your hands and plays the tune for the song ‘you are my sunshine’ as you crank the handle.

Reusable Insulated Lunch Bag

Even though this looks exactly similar to a brown paper lunch bag on the outside, this is actually a reusable bag. What’s amazing about this bag is that it is insulated and will keep his food warm for long hours. Plus, it’s super easy to wash and reuse.

This can make for a great gift if your boyfriend takes homemade lunch to work or college.

Men’s Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

These super comfy men’s slippers is made with high density memory form to give his feet the ultimate comfort.

It comes with an anti-slip waterproof bottom which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor wear.

Pint Glasses with Beautiful Nature Illustration

These super cool pint glasses feature a beautiful forest illustration that will look even cooler when filled with his favorite beverage.

These are perfect if your man loves nature/outdoors.

Drumstick Pen

Is your man into drumming? Do you catch him drumming on his desk using his pen as drumsticks? If so, then he will love these drumstick themed pens.

These pens come as a set of two and have an wooden outer casing.

Bear & Bull Cufflinks

If your man is a cuffs guy and he is also into the markets, these cufflinks would make for the ideal gift.

Game of Thrones – Wine Glasses

If your man loves Game of Thrones, he will love these GOT themed wine glasses.

These are handmade glasses and beautifully shaped and the lettering is nicely crafted and not cheaply stamped.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means we get a small commission for purchases through links in this story (with no extra cost to you). As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Click here to know more.