50 Unusual Male Celebrity Nicknames And How They Came About

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Have some time to kill? Well, checkout this cool list of the most unusual and weird male celebrity nicknames and how they came about.

1. Jackie Chang

Nicknames: Pow Pow

Pow Pow was a nickname given to Jackie by his parents because he was born a rather hefty kid (weighted around 12.5 pounds). In Mandarin ‘Pow Pow’ stands for Canon.

2. Hugh Jackman

Nicknames: Sticks, Guppy.

Jackman was nicknamed ‘Sticks’ in his school days as he had really skinny legs. As for Guppy, Jackman revealed in an interview that this is a nickname his wife gave him because of his unusual sleeping habits. He is a fidgety sleeper especially in airplanes and tends to move around a lot like a guppy (small fish) out of water.

3. Zac Efron

Nickname: Zefron

Zefron is Zac’s childhood nickname which is a portmanteau of his first and second name.

4. Chris Hemsworth

Nicknames: Kip Chris, Kip, Hemsy, Hemmy

Kip and Hemsy were Chris’s childhood nicknames and ‘Hemmy’ was a nickname given to him by his Avengers costar Chris Evans. (source)

5. Ryan Gosling

Nicknames: Opie, Trouble

Ryan was called “Opie” and “Trouble” in high school by his friends because they depicted his “good boy” and “bad boy” personalities. (source)

6. Dwayne Johnson

Nicknames: Rocky Maivia, The Rock, The Brahma Bull

For a long time, Dwayne was part of the World Wresting Federation (WWF) and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and all his nicknames are ring names that he used in these tournaments.

7. Johnny Depp

Nicknames: Colonel Depp, Mr. Stench

Mr. Stench was an alias that Johnny Depp used while staying in hotels because he enjoyed how the hotel staff in various foreign countries would pronounce his name with their unique accents. It also apparently became his nickname. (source)

8. Brad Pitt

Nicknames: Buratto Pitto, Pitt-bull

The origins of these cool nicknames are not known but they sure fit Bard Pitt’s personality perfectly.

9. Ian Somerhalder

Nickname: Smolderholder

Smolderholder is a fan given nickname that fits Ian’s attractive personality perfectly.

10. Taylor Lautner

Nicknames: Diggins Tay, Jack Abb

‘Jack Abb’, is a fan given nickname considering that Taylor played ‘Jacob’ in the Twilight movies and the fact that he has amazing abbs!

11. Orlando Bloom

Nicknames: Orly, Orli OB

Orly is Orlando Bloom’s childhood nickname.

12. Keith Urban

Nickname: Suburban

Country music singer Keith’s childhood nickname was ‘Suburban’ as he was the youngest of two siblings. (source)

13. David Beckham

Nicknames: Becks, DB7, Golden Balls

Golden Balls was a nickname given to him by David’s wife Victoria Beckham because of his cute personality and ability to turn things around. (source)

14. Wentworth Miller

Nickname: Stinky

Wentworth got the nickname, ‘Stinky’, when he was studying at Princeton University, not because he actually stunk, but because of his sarcastic attitude towards his friends. (source)

15. Daniel Craig

Nickname: James Blonde

Daniel Craig who played James Bond in 5 movies has the nickname, ‘James Blonde’, because he was the Blondest Bond actor ever.

16. Jared Padalecki

Nickname: Moose

Jared Padalecki (of the popular T.V. series Supernatural) was nicknamed, ‘Moose’, by his co-stars because he was so bulky and tall compared to everyone else on set. (source)

17. Mark Wahlberg

Nickname: Monk D, Marky Mark

Before coming an actor, Mark used to play in a rap group called ‘Marky Mark’ which is how he got this nickname. As for Monk D, its origins are unknown.

18. Kellan Lutz

Nickname: Krazy Kellan

Kellan got nicknamed “Krazy Kellan” as a kid because of his mischievous nature. (source)

19. Nick Jonas

Nickname: National Jiju

Nick Jonas’s wife, Priyanka (who is of Indian origin) said in a video that the nickname for her husband in India is ‘National Jiju’. Jiju in Indian stands for ‘Brother in Law’. Now that is really cute! (source)

20. Shia LaBeouf

Nickname: Honey Boy

‘Honey Boy’ was Shia LaBeouf’s childhood nickname given by his father. Shia also starred in a movie of the same name which projects his painful childhood experiences and the complicated relationship he shared with his dad. Oddly, Shia plays his dad in the movie. Certainly a must watch.

21. Chris Pratt

Nickname: Monkey Boy

In an interview to ET Canada Chris (who plays Peter Quill/Star-Lord in the Avengers series) revealed that Monkey Boy was his childhood nickname given by his dad because he had a small head but long ears and teeth and was always bouncing and jumping around.

22. Adam Levine

Nickname: Sharky

Adam Levine (the lead singer of Maroon 5) got the nickname ‘sharky’ because his friends always used to tell him that he looks like a shark. Adam also has a tattoo of a shark on his right arm. (source)

23. Harry Styles

Nicknames: Harrah, Hazza, Haz

Harrah and Hazza are Harry’s childhood nicknames and his close friends call him by these names even today.

24. Jensen Ackles

Nickname: Jackals

Jackles is Jenson’s childhood nickname. Jenson plays who plays Dean in the popular T.V. series – Supernatural.

25. Henry Cavill

Nicknames: Fat Cavill, Henners

Henry Cavill, the fit guy who plays Superman in the DC Extended Universe films was very overweight as a kid which is why he earned the nickname ‘Fat Cavill’ in Grade School. (source)

26. Zayn Malik

Nickname: Bradford Bad Boy

The popular singer Zayn Malik is originally from Bardford which earned him the nickname ‘Bardford Bad Boy’.

27. Keanu Reeves

Nickname: The Wall

Keanu Reeves earned this rather unusual nickname in high school because he excelled in ice hockey. As a goalie it was next to impossible to get the puck past him. He literally was like a wall guarding that goal post. (source)

28. Tom Hiddleston

Nickname: Hiddles

Tom Hiddleston is best known for playing the super villain Loki in the Marvel Movies. Hiddles which is not weird but rather a cute nickname was given to Tom by his high school friends.

29. Chris Evans

Nickname: Cevans

Cevans is Captain America’s really cute and innocent childhood nickname.

30. Adam Sandler

Nickname: Sandman

Sandman is just a funny take on Adam’s last name. The origin’s of this nickname are unknown.

31. Ed Sheeran

Nickname: Teddy

Ed Sheeran’s childhood nickname was Teddy as it rhymes with Eddy, which is long for Ed.

32. Elijah Wood

Nickname: Spark Plug

Elijah Wood of ‘Lord of the Rings’ fame was called ‘Spark Plug’ as a kid by his parents because he was highly energetic and was always jumping around.

33. Kevin Hart

Nickname: Chocolate Droppa

Chocolate Droppa is Kevin Hart’s rap name.

34. Matt Damon

Nickname: Red Alert

Matt Damon earned the weird nickname ‘Red Alert’ from his wife (Luciana) because of his cautious and paranoid nature. Matt revealed in an interview that part of his cautious nature began after he had kids.

35. Owen Wilson

Nickname: Butterscotch Stallion

‘Butterscotch Stallion’ was a nickname given to Owen by a gossip column reader, the reason being that he was butterscotch hair and is manly like a stallion.

36. Will Ferrell

Nickname: Wilf

Wilf is Will Ferrell’s childhood nickname. The origin of this name is unknown.

37. Robert De Niro

Nickname: Bobby Milk

Robert De Niro earned this nickname as a child because of his pale complexion. Kid Monroe and Bobby D are some of his other nicknames.

38. James Caan

Nickname: The Jewish Cowboy

James Caan best known for his role in ‘The Godfather (1972)’ got the nickname ‘The Jewish Cowboy’ as he was very athletic and active on the rodeo circuit.

39. Laurence Fishburne

Nickname: Fish

Laurence Fishburne best know for his role as Morpheus in the Matrix movies has a cute nickname ‘Fish’ from this last name. The origin of this name is unknown.

40. Dustin Hoffman

Nicknames: Hook

Dustin Hoffman earned the nickname ‘Hook’ following his appearance in the movie Hook (1991). It was Gene Hackman who first started calling Dustin by this name as a joke and it stuck. Till this day, all his friends call him by this name.

41. Ben Kingsley

Nicknames: Cupid

Ben Kingsley earned the name ‘Cupid’ as a child because he was extremely cute and lovable.

42. Joaquin Phoenix

Nicknames: Leaf

Joaquin Phoenix has always been a nature lover. While growing up, he started calling himself ‘Leaf’ as he was inspired spending time outdoors, raking leaves and also because all his siblings had nature-related names. His brother is named, River Phoenix and sisters, Rain Phoenix, Liberty Phoenix and Summer Phoenix.

43. Bruce Willis

Nicknames: Bruno

Bruno is Bruce Willis’s childhood nickname given to him by his friends because he was a popular kid with a good sense of humor. Bruce was also was elected Student Council President in high school.

44. Will Smith

Nicknames: Mr. July, Fresh Prince.

Hollywood gave Will Smith the nickname ‘Mr. July’ because of all the summer blockbusters that he starred in at the peak of his career. As for Fresh Prince, this nickname comes from the insanely popular sitcom – ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-air‘, where he played the lead role.

45. Mel Gibson

Nicknames: Mad Mel

Mel earned the name ‘Mad Mel’ thanks to his wild behavior both on and off set. Plus, many of his on screen characters had a bit of the crazy too, be it the crazy cop in ‘Lethal Weapon’ or the crazy cabdriver in ‘Conspiracy Theory’.

46. Paul Rudd

Nicknames: Paul Ham Glazer

Paul got this name because before he was an actor, he worked at the Holiday Ham Company glazing hams all day long. Because of this, he would smell of ham all day which earned him this nick from his friends. (source)

47. Dev Patel

Nicknames: Big Ears, Nevil

Dev was called ‘Big Ears’ by his friends because growing up he had big ears in relation to his face. His mother used to call him Nevil.

48. Antonio Banderas

Nicknames: Tony Flags

Antonio Banderas’s unusual nickname comes from the fact that in Spanish his last name ‘Banderas’ means flags.

49. Simon Pegg

Nicknames: 8 Pack Peggles

Tom Cruise gave Simon this weird nickname on the sets of ‘Mission Impossible 6’ because of his amazing 6 pack.

50. Hugh Dancy

Nicknames: Hugh “Bubblegum” Dancy

Hugh was called Bubblegum Dancy in Grade School as he was a little smaller than the other kids and had a hard time roughing with the other boys.

51. Vince Vaughan

Nicknames: Mr. Sunshine

This is the perfect nickname for Vince as he seems like the nicest guy, doesn’t he?

52. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Nicknames: The Governator

Arnie was nicknamed ‘The Governator’ during his political career which is a portmanteau of “Governor”, and his all time popular movie, “Terminator”.

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