12 Simple Tips to Keep Your Husband or Boyfriend Happy

Most household are so full of friction these days that it’s alarming. It’s a disease catching on, divorces and separations have become almost the norm of the day. What’s going wrong here? What’s the secret to a happy marriage?

It takes two to tango and you can’t clap with a single hand. The secret to a loving marriage stems from the desire in your husband to keep you happy and your desire to keep your husband happy. It should be a two way affair. But someone has to initiate first especially when things are going a little downhill.

This article is all about how to keep your husband happy. You will notice that when you start putting in the effort to make him happy, he is bound to reciprocate.

12 Simple Tips To Keep Your Husband/Boyfriend Happy

Here are 12 simple tips on keeping your husband, or boyfriend for that matter, happy:

1. Love Yourself

When you love yourself you radiate positive energy outside. Love your body and build a positive self image. Once you do that, you will automatically start taking good care of yourself and that shows.

You can pick up a new hobby, join a yoga class and start doing things that keep you happy, healthy and occupied.

Once your husband sees this new change in you, he will get a sense of satisfaction of being a good husband; that he is able to keep his wife and family happy. And for a man, that’s a big thing.

2. Get In Touch With Your Inner Feminine

If you think you are living too much inside your mind (for instance, worrying too much), it’s time to go back into your heart and reconnect with your delicate, beautiful, loving, caring and nurturing inner feminine.

Meditation is a great way to achieve this. To meditate is as simple as sitting silently and focusing your attention inside. Focus on your breathing or your heart beats, feel the insides of your hand, legs and then your entire body.

There are various free resources on the internet that will help you further get information on meditation.

3. Give Him His Private Space

The important thing to remember is not to get clingy.

Allow your husband his own private space. For instance, let him relax and unwind the way he wants to. If he wants to hang out with his friends on a weekend, let him do that. A simple way to allow this freedom is to allow yourself the freedom to work on your hobbies and interests.

This way both of you can have your own ‘alone space’. Connecting becomes so much more of a pleasure when you disconnect for a while.

4. Accept Him Completely

Try and see in him all the aspects that you initially fell in love with. And if you find any flaws, accept them as well. Don’t focus your attention on his negative traits, focus them on his positives.

5. Compliment Him

Ever so often, compliment him; let him know how good of a father or husband he is and how lucky you are to be able to share this life together.

Assure him that he is doing a great job and that you are very happy. Always look at the positives in the relationship and point those out to him.

6. Communicate

Communication is a powerful tool if used properly. It can help you understand each other on a deeper level. It has the ability to bring out resentments, hidden fears and worries so you can pave your way towards a happy relationship.

Once you are in touch with your inner self, you can communicate with your husband on a whole different level. Here are a few pointers on how to have a fruitful communication with your husband:

  • Before having the conversation, relax by taking a few deep breaths.
  • During the conversation listen with complete attention.
  • Once the conversation is over, forget about it. Don’t keep thinking about it.

Ask meaningful questions that provoke thoughts on a deeper level. Here are a few examples:

  • When do you feel happiest?
  • What makes you worry the most? When do you worry the most?
  • Is there anyway I can support you/help you?
  • What do you dream for yourself?

In the same way, communicate your thoughts to your husband. Deep conversations like this help you open up as a couple and you will automatically become honest with each other about your needs and desires.

7. Be Happy and cheerful Yourself

Happiness is contagious. When you are happy and cheerful, your husband is bound to catch on to your vibe. It’s also very feminine to be cheerful. Drop your worries and stress, they are doing you no good anyway. Just concentrate on being cheerful no matter what happens and see how things work for you.

8. Let Go of Grudges

When you hold on to grudges, it creates a lot of negative energy in your being. Let go of these grudges and past resentments and free yourself. The less grudges you hold, the more your love for him will come through.

9. Support Him

Be his greatest support. Let him feel that no matter what happens you will always be there by his side.

10. Avoid Comparing Your Boyfriend with Some Other Guy

No one likes to be compared. And irrespective of your intentions, there is a possibility that your partner can get offended. Depending on how sensitive your partner is, you might want to stay away from overtly comparing his prowess or behavior with another guy.

Instead, make him feel like he is the best man out there by genuinely appreciating his unique strengths and talents.

11. Avoid Being Too Dominant in the Relationship

A relationship is all about balance. If you act too bossy it won’t be long before your partner starts feeling suffocated being around you.

12. A Gift Every Now and Then Can Go a Long Way

You can gift your partner something his likes or desires, just as a token of your love for him.

Don’t try to impress him with your gifts though, it is not about how expensive the gift is but the sentiment behind it. Handmade gifts are a great idea.

Check out our list of 101 most popular gift ideas for your boyfriend/husband.

These were some simple ways to keep your husband/boyfriend happy. Genuine love and care is all it takes to keep a relationship healthy. Remember that ego in any form is a killer, so keep it aside.