41 Cute Long Distance Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (To Let Him Know You Miss Him)

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Having a long-distance relationship can be tough, but as if long nights on Skype or text messaging weren’t difficult enough, special dates can’t be celebrated as easily or as practically as you’d hope.

For those of you out there who are strong at heart and give love a chance when miles separate you and your significant other, here is a list of cute snazzy stuff to give to your partner in crime even if he is in a different time zone.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your anniversary, his birthday or if you just want a little something to reinforce how much you love him. There’s something in the list for everybody!

1. Forget-me-not love notes

Boyfriend love notes

Take a bunch of blank note cards (or printed cards) and write something you think of him or love about him in each one.

You can decorate them or keep it simple, as long as you write something on each card straight from your heart. Put them all in a box (or mason jar) and ask him to take one each time he feels down or needs a reminder.

You can also use these cool 60 pack printed love notes from PaperJunkie (image on the left) that comes with a blank side so you can write your message.

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2. Message in a Bottle

Message in a bottle

You can write him a romantic letter and send it to him in a bottle sealed with a cork.

You’ll have to go to the post and mail it yourself, but it will be a very personal and cool gift, especially if your boyfriend lives across the ocean.

You can simply use a soda bottle or buy this ‘message in a bottle’ gift set (image to the left) that comes with a plastic bottle, cork closure, writing paper and a gift box.

If you are looking for the perfect message to write, checkout this list of 70 deep long distance messages for your boyfriend.

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3. Classic care package

Care package

Care packages are great because they show you know a person’s tastes and what they enjoy.

Pick a box, whichever size you like and fill it with his favorite candy(maybe some he can’t get where he is?), a flash drive with a bunch of songs like a mixtape, little trinkets that make you think of him, photos and whatever else he may enjoy.

Or you can send a ready made care package. We recommend this care package (image to the left) from Carvebox that contains an assortment of delicious candies, bars and snacks.

Check price on Amazon.com

4. Latitude Longitude Bracelet

Latitude Longitude bracelet for men

Lots of things can be engraved, as long as it’s metal or wood, you can get your coordinates and his engraved on something.

keychains and bracelets are great because you have to take them anywhere you go, so you always have it with you.

Another option is a dog tag or a necklace, but if he’s into outdoor activities, what could be better than a compass to find his way to you?

We recommend this cool bracelet (image to the left) that is fully customizable. Along with the coordinates it also allows you to imprint a message.

Check price on Amazon.com

5. Postcards with love quotes

Believe it or not, despite the existence of email, postcards still exist!

There is something about getting a postcard that is just so heartwarming and beautiful.

You can use a regular postcard or send him these cards that come imprinted with beautiful graphics and love quotes. On the flip-side, you get to write your message and his address.

These cards come in a set of 20 and are sized perfectly so they can be sent without an envelope (of-course you can enclose them in an envelope if you want to).

Check price on Amazon.com

6. Beef jerky rose bouquet

Beef bouquet

Roses are good but what’s better is this mouth-waveringly delicious bouquet of roses made of beef jerky!

Made by The Manly Man this bouquet comes with a set of twelve 100% edible beef jerky flowers in a beautiful pint glass vase.

If your man likes beef, he is sure to fall in love with this gift.

Check it out on TheManlyMan.com

7. Coupon jar with love coupons

Love vouchers

To make this gift, get a mason jar – as big as you want– and fill it up with pieces of paper in different colors which each have a coupon written in them for something when you meet again.

Some suggestions are: “A movie date”, “I’ll make you dinner”, “Good for one picnic” and you can make up as many cute and fun coupons as you like.

You can also buy ready made coupons online. We recommend ‘Love Tokens’ from ‘Knock Knock’ (image to the left). They come in a set of 15 perforated coupons and look great.

Check price on Amazon.com

8. USB mixtape

USB cassette flash drive

Like we mentioned above, music can be a great gift. If you don’t have time to put together a care package, you can always get a USB flash drive and you can make a huge playlist of music you both love; songs that remind you of him or those songs that mean something to either of you.

we recommend this USB drive (image to the left) which comes in the shape of a cassette!

Check price on Amazon.com

9. Keychain with love quote

Engraved keychain

This stainless steel keychain carries a beautiful message, ‘One day we will never have to say goodbye, only good night‘, making it a great gift for your long distance boyfriend.

This keychain comes with a polished finish with the quote engraved in it.

Check price on Amazon.com

10. Girlfriend pillow

Girlfriend pillow

This cool pillow in the shape of a girlfriend’s arm can make for a hilarious present to your LDR boyfriend. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t like pillows?

It will make him laugh and he’ll remember being in your arms when he uses it.

Check price on Amazon.com

11. What I love about you – Fill in the blanks book

What I love about you book

This is a really cute book that contains fill-in-the-blank type prompts that you can answer and send to your boyfriend.

The book contains 112 pages, so there is a lot to fill and your boyfriend is sure to read your answers again and again reliving the time spent with you.

Definitely one of the best LDR gifts.

Check price on Amazon.com

12. Cute custom teddy bear

Custom teddy bear

This cute teddy bear comes with a removable t-shirt that carries a custom message.

You can write any message that you like at no additional cost.

Check price on Amazon.com

13. Cute love notes in capsules

This is a really cute bottle (comes with a cork closure) that carries 25 capsules each with a love note wrapped inside.

You will need to take apart each capsule, take out the tiny note/scroll and write your message on them before putting them back together again.

So it definitely takes a bit of effort, but that’s a good thing in a way. Your boyfriend will really appreciate the gesture.

Check price on Amazon.com

14. Fruit infuser water bottle

Fruit infuser water bottle

Help your boyfriend stay healthy by drinking more water throughout the day by gifting him this fruit infuser water bottle.

With this bottle, not only will his water taste better, it will also have nutrients from the fruits.

All that he needs to do is fill the infuser with his favorite fruits and he is good to go.

Check price on Amazon.com

15. Kiss you to sleep pillow

This is a really soft pillowcase that comes printed with a beautiful message, ‘may the moon kiss you to sleep until I can‘ making this a great gift for your long distance boyfriend. Each time he goes to sleep and reads the note, it will remind him of you.

Note that this is just a pillowcase. You will need to buy the pillow separately.

Check price on Amazon.com

16. Two states coffee mug

This 11 Oz ceramic coffee mug comes with a custom print option of two states. You can choose two states (your state and the state your boyfriend is in) or countries and the miles in between.

The mug also carries the message, ‘love knows no distance’.

Definitely makes for a cute and thoughtful gift especially if your boyfriend loves tea/coffee.

Check price on Amazon.com

17. Easy recipes and kitchen hacks for guys

Cook book for guys

Since your boyfriend is staying alone, he is most probably tired of eating out and is craving home cooked food.

That is where this cookbook can help. This book contains simple recipes for absolute beginners. So even if your boyfriend has no experience in cooking, he can still use this to make some tasty dishes.

Here’s a tip: If you plan on gifting this, go through the recipes and mark the recipes that you think he should make. Also leave cute little love notes everywhere on the book.

Check price on Amazon.com

18. Hamilton sandwich maker

Sandwich maker

Gift your boyfriend this easy to use sandwich maker which will allow him to make healthy, lip smacking sandwiches in a matter of minutes.

This is perfect for that quick breakfast/snack.

The best part is that this product also comes with a complimentary recipe book that contains a ton of easy to make recipes.

Plus this product is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

Check price on Amazon.com

19. Yeti stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler

Yeti tumbler

This cool tumbler from Yeti is vacuum insulated and will keep his beverages (coffee, tea, beer etc.) hot or cold for a long period of time.

This tumbler also comes with a magnetic lid that will keep his beverages nice and covered.

Check price on Amazon.com

20. Friendship Lamps

Friendship lamps

This is a really unique lamp that that beautiful and has over 256 color settings! And that’s not all, one of the main features of this lamp is that it lets your boyfriend know when you are thinking of him.

Here’s how it works. You gift one lamp to your boyfriend and keep the other one for yourself.

Whenever you want to let him know that you are thinking of him, simply touch the lamp and his lamp will automatically change color to yours letting him know that you are thinking of him. Cool isn’t it?

Check price on Amazon.com

21. Bluetooth shower speaker

This cool speaker is waterproof and will allow him to listen to his favorite music in the shower.

The best part is that this speaker also comes with a mic so he can pick up your call even in the shower.

Check price on Amazon.com

22. 3D I Love You night light

I love you night light

This night light creates a beautiful 3D effect of three hearts that say, ‘I Love You’. It comes with a touch control and changes colors (has 7 different colors) upon touching.

Will definitely make him think of you each time he puts this light on.

Check price on Amazon.com

23. I love you picture frame

Picture frame

This beautiful photo frame carries a beautiful message for your long distance boyfriend – ‘I love you more than the miles between us‘. The photo holder can hold a 4×6 photo and comes with a clear acrylic photo protector to ensure that your photo stays in good condition.

Gift this to your boyfriend with a photo of the two of you and he is sure to love it.

Check price on Amazon.com

24. Explosion gift box

It doesn’t get any cuter than this gift box that converts into a beautiful multi-layered card when opened.

You can customize the card as per your preference. You can write love notes, attach pictures, paste stickers and what not. You can also include a mini gift inside.

Your boyfriend is sure to appreciate the gesture.

Check price on Amazon.com

25. Moon light

This is a 3D printed moon lamp that when glows looks like a realistic version of the moon. It has three light modes that can be controlled via touch.

Considering that the moon is a symbol of love, luck and happiness, and the fact that both of you can look at the moon together irrespective of where you are, this can
make for the perfect long distance gift.

Check price on Amazon.com

26. Soy wax – I love you – candle

I love you candle

Made using eco-friendly soy wax, this scented candle has a relaxing fragrance that your man is sure to love.

The container says, ‘I love you‘, on the outside.

Check price on Amazon.com

27. LED candle holder with customization

This is a cool wooden LED candle holder that projects beautiful hearts and a custom message on the adjacent walls. The custom message can be the name of your boyfriend or a love message or a combination of both.

This product comes with a LED candle that you can place inside the holder to generate the desired effect.

Check price on Etsy.com

28. Always together – Wall art with personalized initials

This wall art not only features a beautiful drawing of a couple standing underneath the star-studded night sky but also carries a heartwarming message.

Plus you also get to customize it with your own initials.

Check price on Etsy.com

29. Personalized men’s wallet

This is a high quality leather wallet from Swanky Badger that comes with 5 slots for credit cards, one zipper pocket for coins and a large compartment for cash.

What sets this wallet apart is the fact that you can customize it. You can add a custom message on the inside and also imprint your boyfriend’s initials on the front of the wallet. Now that is really great.

Check price on Amazon.com

30. Bcozzy travel pillow

Bcozzy travel pillow - LDR gift

Considering that your boyfriend lives away and probably undertakes a lot of travel back and forth to meet you, this Bcozzy travel pillow makes for the perfect gift idea.

This pillow offers complete head and neck support so he can sleep peacefully as he is travelling. The design of this pillow ensures that he will not get a sore neck which can also help reduce jet lag.

Check price on Amazon.com

31. Miss Your Face – Keychain

Miss your face keychain

Tell you boyfriend how much you miss him by sending him this cute ‘I Miss You’ keychain.

View on Amazon.com

32. Love Has No Distance Mug

LDR relationships mug

This is a simple but very cute mug that can make for the perfect LDR gift. The best thing is that you can both drink out of these mugs as you facetime each other.

View on Amazon.com

33. I Love Your More Keychain

LDR keychain

This is another cute keychain with an equally cute yet powerful message – I love you more than the miles between us. He is sure to love this.

View on Amazon.com

34. I Miss Your Face Candle

I miss your face candle

This is a really Beautiful all natural soy candle that can be personalized. You can write your own custom message on the lid. Plus it also comes with a cute miss you message that says – ‘I miss your face and the rest of you too’.

View on Amazon.com

35. Bond Touch LDR Bracelet

Bond touch LDR bracelet

This is a really unique set of bracelets designed specially for LDR couples. This bracelet is touch sensitive so when you touch it, he feels it and vice versa, no matter where the both of you are. A little pricy, but definitely one of the best LDR gifts ever.

View on Amazon.com

36. Zippo Hand Warmers

Zippo hand warmers

These cute zippo hand warmers are rechargeable and will keep him warm and cozy for the winter.

View on Amazon.com

37. Write Now, Read Later Letters

Write now, read later letters

Write your boyfriend heartfelt letters and let him open them one by one whenever he wants to with this really unique gift. The letters are labeled so he knows which one to open at what time. For instance, ‘Open this when you need a pep talk‘.

View on Amazon.com

38. The Man Can

The man can

The Man Can is a set of manly skin care products that include a soap, shave gel, bay rum oil, hand butter, and body mitt.

View on Amazon.com

39. Beard Grooming Kit

Men's grooming kit

If your man has a beard then this kit can make for an excellent gift option.

View on Amazon.com

40. Heart Shape – Natural River Stone

Heart shaped river stone

This is a heart shaped out of a river stone. Not only is it cute looking but you can also write on it which can turn this into a personalized miss you gift.

View on Amazon.com

41. Cute Long Distance Picture Frame

LDR photo frame

This is a cute picture frame with an equally cute message. The best part is that you can personalize it with a picture of the two of you which makes it the perfect long distance gift.

View on Amazon.com

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Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means we get a small commission for purchases through links in this story (with no extra cost to you). As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Click here to know more.