37 Cute & Fun Things to Do on a First Date

Couple dating

When you date someone for the first time you are not quite sure where to set up the meeting point. You ideally want to end up in a place where you can have some fun while also availing the space to interact with each other closely.

In this article we have presented some ideas for places to go on a first date, with pros and cons of each. Make a judicious choice taking in factors like affordability, privacy and entertainment, so that you enjoy the experience of your date.

The choice of what you do and how you spend your time at a date will greatly influence the quality and depth of your relationship. It’s not always easy to find interesting and fun things to do on a date but don’t ever stop being creative. Dating doesn’t have to be expensive or common place, you can have as much fun eating a corn on a cob together at a deli as you would have eating Italian at a boutique restaurant.

Here are some interesting tips on things to do on a date.

1. Enjoy a chow at an exotic restaurant

Nothing better than an evening at an exotic cuisine restaurant that your date has never visited before – Indian, Caribbean, Korean & Thai are good options. Just make sure you’ve been to the place at least once before and know of the food quality and standards there. Eating out is usually the best thing to do on a first date in most cases.

2. Do community service together

There is nothing more bonding than to work on a community service project together. If you have never tried this before do give it a shot because it is a fun and constructive means of spending time together on a date.

3. Go on a hiking trip

This activity is best done in the morning. Take a long hike along the open fields or hills near your area or just drive down to the nearest hiking place. This is a great “no-expense at all” dating idea that you can enjoy.

4. Cook together

There is nothing more fun than to bake a pizza together or try out a Italian or Chinese dish. You can show off your cooking skills and impress your date, or may be you are a bad cook, but either way it is a great bonding activity.

5. Play a fun sport

It can be anything – tennis, racquetball, basket ball or even playing catch. There is no better way to unwind and feel comfortable than to use the medium of an interesting sport. Usually an interesting thing to do on a first date to break the ice.

6. Solve a crossword puzzle

There are tons of crossword puzzles, even ones on specific themes that you can either download from the internet or buy at a bookstore. Either way, crossword puzzles can be really romantic and a lot of fun to complete together.

7. Go to an exotic place of worship

Places of worship are very soothing and there is also an emotional element to it. Visit some exotic places of worship like a Hindu temple or a Buddhist monastery nearby. Definitely an inexpensive and serene way of spending time on a date.

8. Head for a carnival

If there is a carnival visiting near your area, then be sure to take your date there. The rides are a great way to cling to your date on the pretext of feeling scared. You will readily find several interesting things to do with your partner out there; don’t miss out on the cotton candies.

9. Have a picnic at a sunset point

Pack a dinner and head for a beautiful sunset point. You can just sit there and chat about a hundred things under the sun. There is something very romantic about sunsets that can trigger a deep emotional bond. It’s a fun and inexpensive way of bonding on a date.

10. Go to a shopping mall

A large mall allows for a pretty convenient dating place. You can do some window shopping or just buy your date a small gift. There are several eateries around the mall so you can have coffee or ice-cream to add to fun of the experience. The downside is that there is hardly any privacy available at malls.

11. Go swimming

If both of you are into it, then a swimming pool can be a lovely place for a first date. Swimming will put both of you in a good mood and the romantic chats will follow.

12. Do a photoshoot together

This can be a lot of fun if the both of you love taking pictures. Travel around and take pictures together.

13. Go to an amusement park

Anything along the lines of an amusement park, theme park or some fair that is visiting your area would be a good place for dating. You will have to contend with the crowd and lack of privacy but on the upside there are several fun things to do together like going on rides or playing at some stall games.

14. Go to the beach

There is nothing more fun than a picnic lunch at the beach on a sunny day, provided you date is a game for it. You can go for a swim together or just laze around under an umbrella enjoying each other’s company. Most beaches are quite crowded during the weekends so it would be better to arrange the date on a weekday.

15. Go to an exotic restaurant

Going to a restaurant, or other eating places, is usually the most conventional practice in dating. You can make it more fun by going to some exotic restaurant which your date has not tried before, something with a unique cuisine like Thai, Indian or Caribbean. The upside of going to a restaurant is that there is plenty of privacy available and you can interact closely, the downside is that it can get a bit expensive.

16. Go to a theatre

Should you go to the movies on your first date ? A movie date is usually a good idea if you are planning on having dinner together later. You can’t talk or interact much in the theatre and it is obviously too crowded for comfort. A stand up act or drama can also be interesting provided your date is up to it. It’s a good source of entertainment but hardly a good idea for intimacy.

17. Go to a sporting event

If you and your date are into a particular sport then you can plan on buying tickets to an event like tennis, hockey, baseball, basketball or even golf. It is important that the both of you are interested in that particular sport or else it will be a downer for the uninterested party. Watching a game can be a lot of fun but it does not afford any room for interaction.

18. Garden together

This is how the traditional old-culture folks used to meet their dates. Just a stroll around a serene garden and then a simple picnic snack on a park bench is quite a refreshing experience and allows plenty of room for interaction and bonding. If you have an expansive garden in your area then you must consider it a good place to go dating.

19. Go to an art exhibition

Well this is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but there are several art lovers out there who would love some company while browsing through the various artifacts on exhibit. If you and your date share a common interest in arts then it makes for great bonding experience.

20. Go bowling

Bowling is so much fun. Just don’t be ultra competitive. Let the other win.

21. Go for a bike ride

Just like a hike, bike rides can be easy, fun and affordable.

22. Go to a comedy club

What better way to start a memorable date than watching a live comedy show?

23. Go to an escape room

This can be great for a group date. There are different scenarios and you have to work together as a team in order to escape this room within the hour. This shows what kind of team work you have with this person. You can even place an Escape room game online if you want to know how it works.

24. Spend the day in a different city

Travelling with your partner especially to places unknown can be one of the best ways to bond with them.

25. Try Put Put golfing (mini golf)

Put Put golfing will afford your hours of fun and bonding. Plus, anyone can play this sport, you don’t need to be an expert or even interesting in golfing.

26. Movie night at home

A movie night at home with blankets and home made snacks will be fun and memorable. Here are some great movies to watch together.

27. Go to the Farmer’s market/Flea market

You can explore local foods, crafts and businesses, plus it’s super awesome to shop and support local businesses.

28. Go to a Yard sale

Go to a yard sale and hunt for things that are unique and to both of your liking. Best part is that you can end up finding some really cute stuff that you can keep as a memory of your first date.

29. Watch the sunset together

Just sit in the car and watch the sunset together. Or you can go for a hike and watch a sunset together. Cheesy, but really romantic.

30. Go fruit picking

If the time is right, you can find around you many farms that allow fruit picking. This can be a lot of fun and a really unique thing to do together.

31. Feed the ducks

Buy some bread, go to a nearby park with a lake and feed the ducks. Simple, yet can lead to a lot of fun.

32. Go ice skating or Roller ring

Can be a lot of fun if both of you are into it. Or you could teach your date to skate.

33. Play Pokemon Go

If both of you are into Pokemon then this can be a great first date idea. Play as a team and try your luck at finding some rare Pokemon.

34. Geocaching

If both of you like a bit of adventure then why not try your hands at Geocaching. You might end up finding some really unique and it can be a lot of fun to explore together.

35. Go to a dog park

Sitting and watching dogs play can be a lot of fun.

36. Color Me Mine

Color Me Mine allows you to unleash your inner creativity as you paint unfinished pottery together. If you find a studio in your location this can be a great first date idea.

37. Play would you rather

Would you rather can be a really fun game to get to know each other on a first date. Best thing is that the questions are available in a range of themes. For example, if you guys are into Star Wars, play a WYR Star Wars Edition or if you like travelling, play the WYR Travel edition.

There are several other fun and interesting things to do on a date that you can come up with just by getting creative and thinking out of the box.

It is best if the both of your discuss among yourselves and come up with a really fun place to go on a first date. Remember that it does not have to be the same old conventional movie date followed by a dinner. The bottom line always is that the place you go on a date should allow for interaction and bonding.